Monday, November 23, 2009

I WIN!!!!!!

OMG....I won!!!! I won!

I just won 4 tickets to the Indie Wed show in January!!!! All courtesy of Edyta Szyszlo Photography! I lust after her photos and stalk her photo blog for new pictures daily! I am still in shock that I was chosen (it was completly random, but still I feel loved!)

Indie Wed is a show/showcase of local vendors, artists, etc catering to the modern, edgy, eco young Midwesterners planning their pending nuptuals. This sort of forum is new to the midwest, I have seen them all over NY and LA...and now here is Chicago's chance to get in on the action. (You can check it out here) Indie Wed will have its show January 30th at the Ravenwood Event Center (which looks stunning btw!).

I am soo excited! I know I am NOT officially engaged, but there have been some 'behind the scenes happenings' with the Man and and....sooner than later I will!

I can not wait, and if you know me I am completly mad for event planning. I plan on doing as much as I physically can, all on my own, to make our wedding just the way I want it. So this show will be the perfect opportunity to meet some local designers/artists/vendors and see first hand wha tthey are all about!

I have marked my calendar!!!

Anyone else going???


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