Friday, November 6, 2009

back in action

Getting back into the swing of work wasn't bad after such a WOOOOOOnderful vacation. I forced myself to sleep as much as possible on the flights home. Although I am already ready for my next jaunt abroad, especially with the amount of fun I just had!!!!

Amsterdam is sooo beautiful, it is such a picture-esque city. Bike ladden, with people flying by, certain 'herby' smells wafting out of tiny coffee shop, and loads of old world romantic, magical European charm.

Yes, I am in love. In love with the slanty row homes (Most of the rowhomes pitch forward to appear bigger, and functionally to allow for furniture to be hoisted into the different floors without damage to the lower floors - they do this becasue of the narrow stairways and hallways!). With the bikes, pleasant people and general good natureed feeling there.

Here are a few shots form teh trip...sadly, and oddly Mom and I did not take ONE single picture together!!!! Not one! Guess we will have to go back so we can take some....ok Mom?

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