Monday, October 5, 2009

my weekend recap

My weekend was packed. Packed full of good times!!!

Friday night my new camera arrived....I would have probably stayed up all night playing, if the darn battery didn't need to be charged fully before I could do anything with it!

New Nikon D40, with two fun lens!

Went on a adventure out to the the grand and crazy IKEA....needed a new dresser. The best and worst part of loft living - lack of storage for the sleek and clean design.
Sunday was a cleaning marathon....woke up and cleaned til 3:30, but darn you can eat off the floor! LOL

One of those items cleaned was..... the closet!!!! It is color coordinated like this, yes I know i am neurotic!!! But I love it!!! Goodwill should be expecting some new merchandise..... there was lots of purging going on! Two garbage bags full, waiting by the front door to be delivered!

There was also lots of Sunday football..... tear for the Chargers!!! And playing with my new camera!

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