Friday, October 16, 2009

feisty fridays.....

I am not quite sure how I want to start this post....writting has never been easy. Maybe I just need to let my feelings out....but maybe I might delete this in a week! But here I go anyway!

I tend to be the nice girl, friendly and honest/trusting to all. If you ask the Man, I am nice to a fault. I try to speak my mind but rarely do. I have let people walk all over me, be rude for reasons petty and totally unnecessary. I really have no idea why I would do this....these people have no right. I guess it's the "I want to be liked by everyone" mentality...trying not to rock the boat.

After many discussions with the Man, he has truely made me realize I am not being true to myself if I act like this. It shouldn't matter what other people think of me. I don't need to be friends with everyone. I get it, but change is hard. steps.

But today I stood up and said exactly what I felt. And damn it felt really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all those exclamation points are necessary, I swear!)
So, I am making steps in a more positive 'self' direction. I am not someone's stepping stone... I don't need to please everyone, I don't need everyones approval. This is hard and it's a learning experience for me....I will get there, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Guess this isn't huge to some, however to me it is. So today I am giving myself a gold star.....maybe even going to be buying myself some cute boots (the top ones from my post a week ago)!


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