Friday, October 9, 2009


Fall is here, and shoot might as well be winter!!! The weatherman's forecast says snow is possible Sunday night :( and mama definitely needs some HOT new boots for these upcoming seasons. Cuz marching into fal-inter stylish is the only way to go....well at least in my book.

I am currently eyeing these styles, all from Nordstrom. I need some flat boots, good to walk around in (esp in the cold wintery weather ice+heels = broken neck or laughing crowd pleaser when you fall!). Also, I hate only having tennis shoes to wear when it is cold, I enjoy looking kinda cute on the weekend! Plus Mom and I are going to Amsterdam in  few weeks and I need them for my vacation!

Which do you think are the cutest???

I think these are my favorite.!!!! The color, that littel strap detail.

I love the coloring on these, look like you have had them forever and they just 'work' ...ya know!

I love how tall these are, alomst over the knee. Super chic with skinny jeans and a hot trench.....which leads me to another lust (TBD later)

Now, these are totally funky, but I just love them!!! So fun and kinda flirty. They would give off the I think I cute kinda vibe...confident. I don't think these would be the only ones but they aren't that bad so maybe these plus another!

Anyone...anyone HELP?!?!?! :)

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  1. Love those first ones! So fabulous and the little buckle details makes them stand out from all the others :)


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