Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bon - voy - AMSTERDAM

Out of office is on...I am already mentally gone! Gone on vacation that is.

I will be back to the states on Monday full of stories, pictures and plenty of new memories!!!

Heading out shopping with Mom before our adventure tomorrow. See ya next week!

This is my baby, Grayson, helping his Grandmommy pack at the casa.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Amsterdam here I come!!!!!!!!!

I can not wait for the end of the week...well really for Wednesday to arrive. It seems sooo far away yet, it is so close, and I am feeling a bit under prepared!

What is Wednesday you ask.....well Wednesday is AMSTERDAM!!!!

I have never been to Amsterdam, and I loooove to travel so this will be a great opportunity and experience. I have my little list of places I want to see, over the few days we are there, so hopefully we will make it! Vintage shopping along 'De 9 Straatjes', the Anne Frank Museum, the Van Gough Museum, Rijkt Museum, shopping in the Museum quarter, maybe stroll through a market or two, a canal ride....I don't know have a blast!?!!! Just strolling and talking with Mom is really going to be the best part, catching up with my best friend!

I hope to capture most of this with my new camera, which will be just a blast as well - I have been having soo much fun with learning it these past few weeks. Made friends with the manual on Saturday so even more tricks are up my sleve!

Though, through all this excitement I am totally struggling with the 'what to wear' phenom that plauge's most girls. It will be chilly - but roughly the same temp as here, so that is no biggie. I wear my newest addiction my new knee-high boots with: tights, dresses cardigans and chunky fun scraves.....or with skinny jeans and cute tops...or bring a mix of both. Do I need to bring sneakers, even though I plan on wearing my boots with everything?! I just got some great new dresses, as well as some new leggings and chunky sweaters, as well some new skinny jeans.....uggh! the teter-totter! I am limitied to a carry-one.....which I don't mind since I have an abnormal fear of my luggage not arriving (which happens to me more than I would like to admit, ie the last entire european vacation - no luggage for 2 weeks no fun!). I plan to start laying out different options tonight, and tomorrow. I will get Mom's opinion on wednesday, then load 'er up and head out! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

tights please!

So I am on the textured tights bandwagon for this winter season. Textured, plaid, patterned tights, designs-on-my-tights catch my drift?! I really hrt them all....HOWEVER, every girl in the city of Chicago must be thinking the same darn thing! They are impossible to track down! I want to see them in person rahter then buy them online....My hunt is on!!!!

Where have you found great tights? Which texture or patterns are you favorite???

I am currently oggling these.....

(Both from Urban Outfitters)

Monday, October 19, 2009

whoops x2

shopping success this weekend!!! whoops x2 LOL

I looooove them!!!! and can't wait to start wearing them!!!!

Thank you Nordstrom for having them in my size!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So this jacket may replace the "Buttercup" J. Crew jacket if it doesn't come back in my size soon......and it is sooo cute. Has the Military vibe, friendlier on the wallet, but not as bright. However I just rememebered, I have a really bright yellowy short jacket from J.Crew from last I think I may have just sold myself on this one!

Is it cute? Comperable (in its own way?!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

SHOE and Tell

what kinda Fashion personality do you have??? what do your shoes say about you??? Well ELLE says....

I am torn between the two that scream me, but I would probably rock about 6 of them!! I am "minimalist" and "New Prep" - odd combo, but I totally agree!!!!!

What are you???

feisty fridays.....

I am not quite sure how I want to start this post....writting has never been easy. Maybe I just need to let my feelings out....but maybe I might delete this in a week! But here I go anyway!

I tend to be the nice girl, friendly and honest/trusting to all. If you ask the Man, I am nice to a fault. I try to speak my mind but rarely do. I have let people walk all over me, be rude for reasons petty and totally unnecessary. I really have no idea why I would do this....these people have no right. I guess it's the "I want to be liked by everyone" mentality...trying not to rock the boat.

After many discussions with the Man, he has truely made me realize I am not being true to myself if I act like this. It shouldn't matter what other people think of me. I don't need to be friends with everyone. I get it, but change is hard. steps.

But today I stood up and said exactly what I felt. And damn it felt really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all those exclamation points are necessary, I swear!)
So, I am making steps in a more positive 'self' direction. I am not someone's stepping stone... I don't need to please everyone, I don't need everyones approval. This is hard and it's a learning experience for me....I will get there, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Guess this isn't huge to some, however to me it is. So today I am giving myself a gold star.....maybe even going to be buying myself some cute boots (the top ones from my post a week ago)!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

outta luck

Dear J. Crew -

If you are reading this (which I pray you do!!!'s to dreaming *sigh*) Can you please, please please PLEASE get this coat back in stock in a size 2 in Buttercup....ASAP!!! I make the bold move to buy you and you are gone, poof, no longer there!! Tear.

Oh and if you could not have this back-ordered to ship mid Nov that would be awesome too! I will buy it in an instant!

Ciao- Ever faithfull online shopper!

PS: if you just wanted to adopt me, I wouldn't mind....I'll just let Mom know it is for budgetary reasons ONLY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009


Fall is here, and shoot might as well be winter!!! The weatherman's forecast says snow is possible Sunday night :( and mama definitely needs some HOT new boots for these upcoming seasons. Cuz marching into fal-inter stylish is the only way to go....well at least in my book.

I am currently eyeing these styles, all from Nordstrom. I need some flat boots, good to walk around in (esp in the cold wintery weather ice+heels = broken neck or laughing crowd pleaser when you fall!). Also, I hate only having tennis shoes to wear when it is cold, I enjoy looking kinda cute on the weekend! Plus Mom and I are going to Amsterdam in  few weeks and I need them for my vacation!

Which do you think are the cutest???

I think these are my favorite.!!!! The color, that littel strap detail.

I love the coloring on these, look like you have had them forever and they just 'work' ...ya know!

I love how tall these are, alomst over the knee. Super chic with skinny jeans and a hot trench.....which leads me to another lust (TBD later)

Now, these are totally funky, but I just love them!!! So fun and kinda flirty. They would give off the I think I cute kinda vibe...confident. I don't think these would be the only ones but they aren't that bad so maybe these plus another!

Anyone...anyone HELP?!?!?! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i totally hrt it!

I am totally in love with my new new baby, I am having so much fun already!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

my weekend recap

My weekend was packed. Packed full of good times!!!

Friday night my new camera arrived....I would have probably stayed up all night playing, if the darn battery didn't need to be charged fully before I could do anything with it!

New Nikon D40, with two fun lens!

Went on a adventure out to the the grand and crazy IKEA....needed a new dresser. The best and worst part of loft living - lack of storage for the sleek and clean design.
Sunday was a cleaning marathon....woke up and cleaned til 3:30, but darn you can eat off the floor! LOL

One of those items cleaned was..... the closet!!!! It is color coordinated like this, yes I know i am neurotic!!! But I love it!!! Goodwill should be expecting some new merchandise..... there was lots of purging going on! Two garbage bags full, waiting by the front door to be delivered!

There was also lots of Sunday football..... tear for the Chargers!!! And playing with my new camera!