Thursday, September 3, 2009

weekend fun!

Here are some of the photos from my Mom's camera!

Cole and I at the Hula Hut for Mom's Birthday dinner....really fun place, relaxed, beachy atmosphere...and some killer chips and salsa!!!

The 'non-water' Man!!! Expert drink maker and joke teller! (My Mom's friend and I floating in the background...yes we are back at the docks after the boat decided to break!)
Competitive siblings!!! Front flips off the Houseboat.....we shouldn't challenge each other in such childish games.....but who am I kidding I love still being better! We did....
front flips,
cannon balls,
and toe touches!
(tilted but my toes are pointed and my legs are straight!!! All those years of cheer paid off!)
See, I WIN!
Man I love the lake!!!!!

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