Monday, September 28, 2009

visitors x2

I was a lucky girl this weekend. I had two great visitors from HOME!!!!!

My Dad!

and J.C.! A great friend from HS, and college!

My weekend was packed!

It started on Friday.... the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour, row 4 at the Blackhawks game. Saturday was out and about touring Wrigleyville, long chats with Dad, then a great family meal cooked at home. Then the Man and I snuck away to Wicker Park to have a couple drinks with JC. Those couple drinks turned in a whole LOT, a few different venue changes and 3 am Hollywood Grill greasy diner stop! We had an absolute blast!!!!!!!! I sure do miss having those great long time friends around more!

The summer is ending...ended?! The weather has turned. It is now really like fall, tornado warnings and all! It was an enchanting way to end the summer of '09, being surrounded by people who know me and make me happy!!!!


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