Saturday, September 19, 2009

the low down

So the past week I was completely slammed at work! No time to surf the web, read blogs or do the other mindless things I enjoy doing when the 'ole j-o-b is very slow. My apologies for no updates!

The internet was wigging out a few nights, so my attempts to write something were unsuccessful! I have had post waiting to post for a few days....but for some reason the silly computer won't upload the picture - and without it the post is....not going to make sense or be what I want. So I will wait.

So you will have to enjoy my written word for today!!! LOL

Hopefully next week I can steal a few moments to post a few -I miss you all!

Until then enjoy this last moments of summer-esque weather! They aren't going to be around for a while....the nights are already starting to cool here in Chicago, so I know Fall is looming.

Ciao lovies , see ya next week!

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