Thursday, September 3, 2009

it is a good day!

Today is a GOOD day!!!

It is sunny out, the weather is good, and my coffee was made perfectly!

And partially because I gave my boss a healthy does of this (see below)..... early this morning! And she was APPRECIATIVE!!!!!

As you may know if you have read my rants about work before, my boss/manager in Corporate America is a 'trip' to say the least! She drives me bonkers most days, but then there are days when I think to myself, she isn't so bad at all. The generational gap probably is the biggest cause of grief for my coworkers and myself - causing her to have the my way or highway mentality. Or maybe more of a Turbo-Micro Manager thing (though she proclaims often she does NOT do this).

Anyway I could babble forever about the nonsense she spews or headaches she causes... but this morning was a triumph for myself....its those small feats, ya know?!?!?

She kinda went off the deep end over a silly email I sent to another department, though I get her side, but it was totally unnecessary. She of course rescinded, as she always ends these tirades with apologies. Explaining that she wasn't upset and me or anyone, just the whole situation - and how no one feels comfortable coming to her with possible issues.

She opened the door and you know I walked right on through! I explained that her team, my co-workers, feel that when you react strongly you are coming at them, instead of the situation - due to the delivery and reaction. Which makes them retreat and not want to come to you, just to have you get all hot and bothered directing it at them (this was all via IM mind you...and I am much more confident in text form than face to face). She responded "if that is the case - then I need to find a new approach thank you for your feed-back" (direct quote folks!).

I could not believe what I was reading?!?!?! She was actually thankful for my advice...and in writing nonetheless!!! Wowzas!!! I am still in shock, really!!! I also took that time to explain where my frustrations arises from - and they are not her. I took this chance to reiterate that I enjoy my job and have so much more to when I high tail it outta here and don't look back, you will know where i am coming from!!! (But all Corporate America-like :) )

And how is you Thursday, before a long weekend going????

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  1. i like your writing. keep sharing. i copy the pic for my blog. thanks alot.


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