Wednesday, September 2, 2009

brief pause....

So sorry I have haven written....I did not forget about you, not one bit! But how does one write about going away, when said 'going away' trip was a surprise??? I wasn't quite I was kinda lame and just didn't write anything. I am sorry that I am just cool like that! Work was crazy busy last week anyway so I have that excuse too! :)

This past weekend the Man and I jetted off to surprise my Mom in TX for a birthday treat! In celebration of her birthday (no years mentioned....well her 21st as she would say!) we surprised her with a visit! And we just got back!
We spent the weekend laughing, giggling and having a great time. We went boating on Sunday....well as much boating as you can do when the boat breaks 1 minute in (seriously!). We made do and swam around the docks. My bro and I acted like little kids competing with each other and jumped off near by house-boats. Then off to dinner at my Besties from HS's new house. I was silly and neglected to take pictures, but Mom did so when I get those I will be sure to post some for you!
Over all it was a great weekend, and I always enjoy spending time with my family. Now back to the grind, but a short week, with a loong weekend - so that is nice!!!
These are from my phone!

What did you guys do for your weekends???


  1. Best Birthday !

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