Thursday, September 10, 2009

and so it goes

I hope everyone's long holiday weekends were wonderful and relaxing. I was the optiomy of a lazy a$$. Seriously! Couch bound for days.. hours and hours! Kinda down, letting work get to it has all this week as well.

So if I am breif in posting for a few days, it is while I get my happy brain back, and work on life a bit. (Gosh life thanks for being so tough lately!) I will be back, soon! and better than ever....if you comment I will be sure to respond (that statement was purely for myself....all those popular blogs gets tons of comments, not me! So in self pity mode and trying to make myself giggle a bit, I like it!) A weekend with the Man is sure to help, we have been ships passing in the night since we returned from Tx.

But please listen to this awesome group I was just turned onto, Grizzy Bear. And off of their new album, Veckatimist, I am totally swooning over the song 'Two Weeks'. It is helping me smile today.



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