Monday, September 28, 2009

visitors x2

I was a lucky girl this weekend. I had two great visitors from HOME!!!!!

My Dad!

and J.C.! A great friend from HS, and college!

My weekend was packed!

It started on Friday.... the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour, row 4 at the Blackhawks game. Saturday was out and about touring Wrigleyville, long chats with Dad, then a great family meal cooked at home. Then the Man and I snuck away to Wicker Park to have a couple drinks with JC. Those couple drinks turned in a whole LOT, a few different venue changes and 3 am Hollywood Grill greasy diner stop! We had an absolute blast!!!!!!!! I sure do miss having those great long time friends around more!

The summer is ending...ended?! The weather has turned. It is now really like fall, tornado warnings and all! It was an enchanting way to end the summer of '09, being surrounded by people who know me and make me happy!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

well becasue!

To: THE MAN, cause I know how this past weeks have been for us.

We WILL survive these 'iritating' times, and nothing will bring us down. You can lean on me in strength and I will be there for you no matter what.

Monday, September 21, 2009

tempation shopping...similar to tempation island, maybe!

Why is it when I try to save money things like this always magically appear in my inbox...tempting and teasing me into NEEDing them. And then you splash the words SALE, like I will be able to stop and continue on my merry way.

Oh J.Crew...why do you send me emails with this cute outfit as the main object in the body??? Well I know why...but darn you for tempting me so horribly!!! I love you little black pants, that look so dang cute. And then the sweaters... I NEED sweaters, it gets coooold here you know!! And I MUST be cute while bundled up! Seriously darn you!

(Image from JCrew Weekly subscriber email)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the low down

So the past week I was completely slammed at work! No time to surf the web, read blogs or do the other mindless things I enjoy doing when the 'ole j-o-b is very slow. My apologies for no updates!

The internet was wigging out a few nights, so my attempts to write something were unsuccessful! I have had post waiting to post for a few days....but for some reason the silly computer won't upload the picture - and without it the post is....not going to make sense or be what I want. So I will wait.

So you will have to enjoy my written word for today!!! LOL

Hopefully next week I can steal a few moments to post a few -I miss you all!

Until then enjoy this last moments of summer-esque weather! They aren't going to be around for a while....the nights are already starting to cool here in Chicago, so I know Fall is looming.

Ciao lovies , see ya next week!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

and so it goes

I hope everyone's long holiday weekends were wonderful and relaxing. I was the optiomy of a lazy a$$. Seriously! Couch bound for days.. hours and hours! Kinda down, letting work get to it has all this week as well.

So if I am breif in posting for a few days, it is while I get my happy brain back, and work on life a bit. (Gosh life thanks for being so tough lately!) I will be back, soon! and better than ever....if you comment I will be sure to respond (that statement was purely for myself....all those popular blogs gets tons of comments, not me! So in self pity mode and trying to make myself giggle a bit, I like it!) A weekend with the Man is sure to help, we have been ships passing in the night since we returned from Tx.

But please listen to this awesome group I was just turned onto, Grizzy Bear. And off of their new album, Veckatimist, I am totally swooning over the song 'Two Weeks'. It is helping me smile today.


Friday, September 4, 2009

no-laboring for three days!

Mission Bay, San Diego, CA -I would love a picnic here this weekend...ahh dreams!

Happy looong Labor day weekend! I hope you get time to 'non-labor' this weekend. Relax, enjoy some ME time doing the things you love, spending it with the people you love.

I have some errands planned, and some crafting and a whole lot of relaxing!

Enjoy the weekend! And good luck to my girlfriend, Miss Choker, in her Half-Marathon!!! (I hope to be healthy enough to do one with you soon!

(Photos via internet)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

it is a good day!

Today is a GOOD day!!!

It is sunny out, the weather is good, and my coffee was made perfectly!

And partially because I gave my boss a healthy does of this (see below)..... early this morning! And she was APPRECIATIVE!!!!!

As you may know if you have read my rants about work before, my boss/manager in Corporate America is a 'trip' to say the least! She drives me bonkers most days, but then there are days when I think to myself, she isn't so bad at all. The generational gap probably is the biggest cause of grief for my coworkers and myself - causing her to have the my way or highway mentality. Or maybe more of a Turbo-Micro Manager thing (though she proclaims often she does NOT do this).

Anyway I could babble forever about the nonsense she spews or headaches she causes... but this morning was a triumph for myself....its those small feats, ya know?!?!?

She kinda went off the deep end over a silly email I sent to another department, though I get her side, but it was totally unnecessary. She of course rescinded, as she always ends these tirades with apologies. Explaining that she wasn't upset and me or anyone, just the whole situation - and how no one feels comfortable coming to her with possible issues.

She opened the door and you know I walked right on through! I explained that her team, my co-workers, feel that when you react strongly you are coming at them, instead of the situation - due to the delivery and reaction. Which makes them retreat and not want to come to you, just to have you get all hot and bothered directing it at them (this was all via IM mind you...and I am much more confident in text form than face to face). She responded "if that is the case - then I need to find a new approach thank you for your feed-back" (direct quote folks!).

I could not believe what I was reading?!?!?! She was actually thankful for my advice...and in writing nonetheless!!! Wowzas!!! I am still in shock, really!!! I also took that time to explain where my frustrations arises from - and they are not her. I took this chance to reiterate that I enjoy my job and have so much more to when I high tail it outta here and don't look back, you will know where i am coming from!!! (But all Corporate America-like :) )

And how is you Thursday, before a long weekend going????

(Photos from internet)

weekend fun!

Here are some of the photos from my Mom's camera!

Cole and I at the Hula Hut for Mom's Birthday dinner....really fun place, relaxed, beachy atmosphere...and some killer chips and salsa!!!

The 'non-water' Man!!! Expert drink maker and joke teller! (My Mom's friend and I floating in the background...yes we are back at the docks after the boat decided to break!)
Competitive siblings!!! Front flips off the Houseboat.....we shouldn't challenge each other in such childish games.....but who am I kidding I love still being better! We did....
front flips,
cannon balls,
and toe touches!
(tilted but my toes are pointed and my legs are straight!!! All those years of cheer paid off!)
See, I WIN!
Man I love the lake!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

brief pause....

So sorry I have haven written....I did not forget about you, not one bit! But how does one write about going away, when said 'going away' trip was a surprise??? I wasn't quite I was kinda lame and just didn't write anything. I am sorry that I am just cool like that! Work was crazy busy last week anyway so I have that excuse too! :)

This past weekend the Man and I jetted off to surprise my Mom in TX for a birthday treat! In celebration of her birthday (no years mentioned....well her 21st as she would say!) we surprised her with a visit! And we just got back!
We spent the weekend laughing, giggling and having a great time. We went boating on Sunday....well as much boating as you can do when the boat breaks 1 minute in (seriously!). We made do and swam around the docks. My bro and I acted like little kids competing with each other and jumped off near by house-boats. Then off to dinner at my Besties from HS's new house. I was silly and neglected to take pictures, but Mom did so when I get those I will be sure to post some for you!
Over all it was a great weekend, and I always enjoy spending time with my family. Now back to the grind, but a short week, with a loong weekend - so that is nice!!!
These are from my phone!

What did you guys do for your weekends???