Monday, August 10, 2009

nite nite

Sometimes you just need a change in the bedroom......get your heads outta the gutter. I am talking about redecorating not doing the naughty!!! If you are like me, you may just really want a King size bed and love the excuse to redecorate!!!!

Here are the items I am lusting over to live in our new bedroom.
A new KING sized I really need to explain why?! I am sure the man would like me to point out it is so he will now be able to sleep in peace, away from my flailing sleeping body. But I know he will miss snuggling close! LOL.
I really like the simplicity of this bed frame, and it won't break the bank - since we also need to get a mattress.

New matching Night stands with .......extra STORAGE!!!!!! Worst part of our loft = negative amounts of closet space, so any extra cavity is appreciated!!!

Another dresser, for the same reasons above! Folks it is bad, and my organizational self hates shoving stuff anywhere and everywhere. It will be awesome to have more space to put things away!!!

Fun new pillows! For the color scheme, I am thinking of cool muted tones (greys and whites) and a pop of red. I think these pillows would look great on top of a new duvet, which I have yet to find.....but know it does exist somewhere!

Some new fun explanation needed.

We already have a very large red rose painting in the hallway that I want to move in as well.....the Man wants a new bigger TV (Cuz a 47" in the living room isn't enough!), and possibly a nice big mirror - because every girl needs a full length mirror, and why not in the bedroom! Also need to find new modern lamp shades for the bases sitting in the hall closet.

Not sure when the bed change will happen, but we are saving up and I am super excited!!!!

(Photos from Ikea, Etsy sellers - Alexandra Ferguson, MishMosh, yumalum)

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