Sunday, August 23, 2009

my competition....arrr!

Vices...we all have them. Right?! I have explained and introduced my love for wedding blogs, and well... blogs in general! But I only feel you should know I am in competition.... with the Man's other love! Let me show you....the Man's major vice!!! SHOES! Ladies he is worse than me!!! And I love me some cute shoes!!!!

These little ladies are my competition, his vice, his love! I swear he spends more time looking at shoe sites, seeking out rare kicks, perusing others' collections.....ahhhhh!

I think it is great that he loves fashion and shopping just like me....but I think I am a bit jealous of his stacks in our closet! I swear when I stare at them long enough they morph into an engagement ring.....they do it is just strange! LOL

As much as these little ladies drive me crazy, I loooove that he always looks great when we are out, he doesn't mind when I feel the need to shop!!!! He's the BEST!!!!
(Photos a la Moi)


  1. hahaha, that's awesome! Oh man, how i understand! Anytime we go shopping and he pics up a new pair of Jordans or Dunks, i feel like saying "um... but you have so many already." but then i think "who am i to talk?" so i keep my mouth shut! but the closet situation in our apartment is exactly that, a major situation!!


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