Monday, August 3, 2009


So essentially one often wants what they don't I right?!
Not with everything but in most general cases of life this can be true. You want the bucket Joey has in the sand box, you want a cute manicure like Suzy or cute dress like Suzy or cute shoes or catch my drift.

Well I have real hair envy....and don't often love my natural do and see others and dream of having their locks. It is a real love hate relationship with my hair. With my curly hair to be exact. One day love- ahh cute, fun, flirty....Next day HATE. Frizzy, outta control, annoying. Most days I hate it, it always curls funny around my face, then I am forced to pin it back...looking like a 12 year old. I hate that the only product that helps tame it is way more than a few iced mocha's times a few. I regularly complain to myself, and am rarely happy with the end result. And of course....the Man loves it! I only love it on the good days!

I like my hair straight! It may take me an hour to make it look cute but I like it. I look my age, it is so much easier to style in different ways. For some reason I associate the straight hair with being dressier (maybe because it takes so much longer). Straight hair is fun for me! I just really like it, I can't come up with definite answers why I just do.

Am I being so unreasonable???

Hair envy today for sure! I wish mine was more wavy than curly, more blond than brunette, more long than short....ahhh this is next on my to-do list. Grow out hair, below bra strap!
*These are past is getting longer, and a tid bit lighter now. And this was an AWESOME curly hair day!


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