Monday, August 17, 2009

forever remembered

What an amazing weekend I had! Grrrrreat weather! Score! Time with the Man! Double, good food, good fun!

Saturday was great, went to the outlets got some super deals on cute chic new work clothes! Hung out shared ice cream and people watched, saw GI Joe. A great day to reconnect with my love!!! And oh how I love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was our regular rare-weekends-together brunch, at the Bongo Room. Strolling Wicker Park....avoiding rain showers....hopping over puddles....and the Man got a new tattoo! So jealous...I can't wait for my next!

This song represents the spirit of his was great sitting by and watching, playing an active role in the process... being the 'artsy' voice on placement and design.

Baby, I love your new ink! And your sleeve is progressing nicely! (It will always serve as reminder of great times together!)


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