Monday, August 24, 2009

new crew

O J.Crew why to you tease with your purdy wedding gowns....WHY!!!!

why do you make them so effortless, so chic and so easy for me to search and look at constantly?!?! Why o why!!!!!

I found these new beauties this morning when I went to their site....and don't ask me why I check the wedding dress section almost daily to see if there are new dresses. 'Cuz I won't tell!
(Phots a la Crew)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

my competition....arrr!

Vices...we all have them. Right?! I have explained and introduced my love for wedding blogs, and well... blogs in general! But I only feel you should know I am in competition.... with the Man's other love! Let me show you....the Man's major vice!!! SHOES! Ladies he is worse than me!!! And I love me some cute shoes!!!!

These little ladies are my competition, his vice, his love! I swear he spends more time looking at shoe sites, seeking out rare kicks, perusing others' collections.....ahhhhh!

I think it is great that he loves fashion and shopping just like me....but I think I am a bit jealous of his stacks in our closet! I swear when I stare at them long enough they morph into an engagement ring.....they do it is just strange! LOL

As much as these little ladies drive me crazy, I loooove that he always looks great when we are out, he doesn't mind when I feel the need to shop!!!! He's the BEST!!!!
(Photos a la Moi)

relaxation and fun

What a relaxing weekend!!!
Ran errands, did some me things (waxing and some shopping!), gym, and a couple afternoon naps. Had some great time with the man - video games and giggling til the wee hours on Friday night. Spent Sunday afternoon on the balcony and it was great!!!
I plan on spending every moment I can outside, enjoying the remaining days of summer-esque weather.....I know fall is around the corner, but these late summer days are the best!
(Photos a la Moi)

Monday, August 17, 2009

forever remembered

What an amazing weekend I had! Grrrrreat weather! Score! Time with the Man! Double, good food, good fun!

Saturday was great, went to the outlets got some super deals on cute chic new work clothes! Hung out shared ice cream and people watched, saw GI Joe. A great day to reconnect with my love!!! And oh how I love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was our regular rare-weekends-together brunch, at the Bongo Room. Strolling Wicker Park....avoiding rain showers....hopping over puddles....and the Man got a new tattoo! So jealous...I can't wait for my next!

This song represents the spirit of his was great sitting by and watching, playing an active role in the process... being the 'artsy' voice on placement and design.

Baby, I love your new ink! And your sleeve is progressing nicely! (It will always serve as reminder of great times together!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

i gotta feeling....ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!!

This is song embodies how I feel about the looming weekend! I get to spend the entire thing with the Man and I couldn't be more excited! They are few and far between - or at least it always feels like it!!!!

No set in stone plans....we will do what ever tickles us! And as long as I am with him I know it will be good!

I also want dedicate this to my lovie, Mrs. Babies! You are amazing and I love you!!!!

This is my new song of the summer!! I love it! (If you need a pick-me up listen to it at the end of a long can't help but smile!)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Anna Sui is doing a line for Target....pronounce it Tar-jay and it feels fancy! Hitting stores 9/ bet I'll be there!!!!!!

nite nite

Sometimes you just need a change in the bedroom......get your heads outta the gutter. I am talking about redecorating not doing the naughty!!! If you are like me, you may just really want a King size bed and love the excuse to redecorate!!!!

Here are the items I am lusting over to live in our new bedroom.
A new KING sized I really need to explain why?! I am sure the man would like me to point out it is so he will now be able to sleep in peace, away from my flailing sleeping body. But I know he will miss snuggling close! LOL.
I really like the simplicity of this bed frame, and it won't break the bank - since we also need to get a mattress.

New matching Night stands with .......extra STORAGE!!!!!! Worst part of our loft = negative amounts of closet space, so any extra cavity is appreciated!!!

Another dresser, for the same reasons above! Folks it is bad, and my organizational self hates shoving stuff anywhere and everywhere. It will be awesome to have more space to put things away!!!

Fun new pillows! For the color scheme, I am thinking of cool muted tones (greys and whites) and a pop of red. I think these pillows would look great on top of a new duvet, which I have yet to find.....but know it does exist somewhere!

Some new fun explanation needed.

We already have a very large red rose painting in the hallway that I want to move in as well.....the Man wants a new bigger TV (Cuz a 47" in the living room isn't enough!), and possibly a nice big mirror - because every girl needs a full length mirror, and why not in the bedroom! Also need to find new modern lamp shades for the bases sitting in the hall closet.

Not sure when the bed change will happen, but we are saving up and I am super excited!!!!

(Photos from Ikea, Etsy sellers - Alexandra Ferguson, MishMosh, yumalum)

my monday inspiration.... *drool*

drool worthy!!!!! The site said 3.1 Phillip Lim but I KNOW that red sole (LOUBY), and have seen them in other colors on Barneys, but never this coral snakeskin..... I totalllllllllly need! These are making my Monday better already!

(Photo from random WWW)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

some more DIYing in my future

So in continuation of staying crafty and active with projects that inspire me....use my abilities...get me off the couch and into life.... I now really need to make one of these for my house (see picture below). I fell in love the moment I saw it and knew exactly where it would look amazing.

I plan on hanging it above the desk (pictures forth coming), in the little nook of the living dining kitchen in the Man's and I loft. With our 20 foot loft ceilings, art needs to be impactful, bold and to scale with the expansive space. And what better art than something of your own?! Since the space I want to put it skinner than this, I was thinking of rotating the canvas so it is an up and down rectangle verses a longer flatter one.

I love the muted tones in the lettering....but thought maybe doing some thing bolder would help make it my own. Maybe certain words in a contrasting color to stand out, cause drama - impact. I am really hoping it turns out 1/5 as good and that I love it as much I do here.

Now to narrow down my list of possible 'words'.....

And PS - those wing back chairs are to die for!!! I would love to have a reading corner with one reupholstered in a graphic modern print....Christmas gift anyone?!

(Photo from la la Lovely)

there are just some things.....

There is a list that lives in my brain of things I would LOVE to do in my life....I guess in essence it is my 'Bucket List', but I would rather think of it as my Life list. (I don't plan on rolling over just yet! LOL!)

1. Take a Photography Class
2. Re-Learn French, via a class or Rosetta Stone or both!
3. Learn Spanish
4. Get Married
5. Travel Europe for an extended amount of time (1 month plus)
6. Grow out my hair
7. Plan a fabulous event (my dream job is an event planner folks)
8. Take Yoga classes
9. Run a Marathon - or half
10. Have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower
11. Walk the Great Wall of China
12. Visit the glaciers in Alaska
13. Own a house
14. Turn that house into a home!
15. Live in NYC
16. Perform or compete in front of a large crowd
17. Volunteer once a month for a year
18. Sail through the Panama Canal
19. Ski/Snowboard in the Swiss Alps
20. Take a gondola in Venice
21. Go on a week long camping trip, and rough it as much as I can
22. Read some of literature's Classics
23. Buy myself a classic pair of Loubitains
24. Take a dance or Pilates group class
25. Cook at home every day for a month
26. Live in San Diego again
27. Surf in Australia
28. Hike in Yosemite
29. Go into the Pyraminds, and sail the Nile
30. Continue to live Debt free, except a mortgage
31. Ride an elephant in Thailand
32. Start a business
33. Go skydiving
34. Go to the Parthanon
35. Create a gallery of my own paintings
36. Live abroad

Red items, are ones I have already completed... and could easily do again!

I'll let you know how I do on this list ever so often. Inspiring myself to do more and push harder.... and adding more along the way!

What are some of the things you want to do in your life? What have you already done that you are proud of???

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

currently jammin to...

I LOVE dancin!!!! I feel totally free and have the time of my life while doing it. I can dance for hours...seriously once I start I don't wanna stop! I heard this song this reminds me of fun nights out, summer and the girls!

I really wanna go dance this weekend! Maybe I can encourage this on our Saturday Night Girls Night this weekend!!! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009


So essentially one often wants what they don't I right?!
Not with everything but in most general cases of life this can be true. You want the bucket Joey has in the sand box, you want a cute manicure like Suzy or cute dress like Suzy or cute shoes or catch my drift.

Well I have real hair envy....and don't often love my natural do and see others and dream of having their locks. It is a real love hate relationship with my hair. With my curly hair to be exact. One day love- ahh cute, fun, flirty....Next day HATE. Frizzy, outta control, annoying. Most days I hate it, it always curls funny around my face, then I am forced to pin it back...looking like a 12 year old. I hate that the only product that helps tame it is way more than a few iced mocha's times a few. I regularly complain to myself, and am rarely happy with the end result. And of course....the Man loves it! I only love it on the good days!

I like my hair straight! It may take me an hour to make it look cute but I like it. I look my age, it is so much easier to style in different ways. For some reason I associate the straight hair with being dressier (maybe because it takes so much longer). Straight hair is fun for me! I just really like it, I can't come up with definite answers why I just do.

Am I being so unreasonable???

Hair envy today for sure! I wish mine was more wavy than curly, more blond than brunette, more long than short....ahhh this is next on my to-do list. Grow out hair, below bra strap!
*These are past is getting longer, and a tid bit lighter now. And this was an AWESOME curly hair day!