Thursday, July 2, 2009

sooooo ready for the long weekend!

Wowzas it has been at long week! Even though it was a short one, it felt like 5 full days of Corporate America torture JK! (I tease, I love my job! please don't realign me! LOL) But seriously it has been a busy week for me, there are no complaints here - I am one of those weirdos who love being busy and challenged. The time flew by, though the days felt long and draining. By the time my rear hit the couch each night I was spent!

My tasks and job responsibilities have shifted a tad lately, as a coworker recently left on maternity leave, and I have absorbed all of her duties.....which I enjoy doing because my plate is now full. Full but easily manageable! Which makes me think - A. our team is way too big for our duties, are there going to be more re-alignments? Is it me?!? B. If I were the manager how can you not see these people are getting paid to do nothing, but I guess I am crass like that. I get annoyed when I see co-workers watching TV and movies all day, learning lines for the play they are in, or disappearing for hours, or running a side business from here at their Corp America desk....But maybe I only see it because I am submersed within? Now I am not going to lie, and say I haven't done anything non-work related (like the aaahem, wel... what you are reading) but honestly I would rather be working, put me to work!!!! I just know I would probably do things a bit different - if only they would recognize my potential and promote me! *sigh, dreaming*

So anyways..... I was back on the gym bandwagon hard core the past week- until the Fam arrived in town. But I have vowed to myself I won't fall off for two weeks like I did after NYC (but I was sick a bit so it wasn't all my fault!?). Being back and running hard, breaking a crazy sweat has been great. I feel so much better after those hard workouts. Both physically and mentally - maybe I mentally tell myself I physically look better already?!?! HA! Silly I know but true.....the gym can be a big battle when all you want to do after work is go home, prop up your feet and enjoy a glass of wine with your Man. But hey reality, she is a bitch...Man works alot of nights, and sexy body takes work! Any who....I have really been enjoying my workouts! I have started running alot again.....though I can't go over 5 miles without big pain in the knees and then ankles. Which has been disappointing to say the least. But at least I am getting in that far and it feels good!

I am ready for the weekend, three days of fun, family, and hopefully sun! The fourth is one of my favorite holidays partially because of the firework factor (dork and lurve them...lurve them!) and partially because it is summer and warm and you get to be outside hanging out!!!!

I hope everyone does something fun, for themselves or with friends and family. Relax a bit, drink a bit, eat a bit, sleep-in a bit....and all the other bits one should do on a holiday weekend!

Catch ya on the flip-side yo!

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