Friday, July 17, 2009


OH MY the IN-LAWS are coming!!! be honest they are my semi-almost-to be one day soon...hopefully- In-Laws. In simple terms, the Mans parents are coming up the the Big City for a visit THIS weekend! This is exciting, and nerve wracking ...a laundry list full of feelings and emotions for me.

So the story goes... The Man and I met while we both worked at a Hotel in Savannah GA (The Man's home town). We met, we dated, we fell in love, we moved here to the big city of Chicago. (We'll save the nitty gritty for another day). Prior to us moving up here I never really had the opportunity to meet his parents. And in the few years we have lived up here we haven't been home to visit. So....this is the FIRST time we will meet. I am very excited, the stories I hear are nothing but great....the perfect American family.

However.....there is always a flip side, right?!?!? I am meeting them for the FIRST time today after work. BY. MY. SELF. Yes, you could say I am a stress-case today! The Man is picking them up from the airport, dropin 'em at our place and then they are going to hang out while we are finishing up work for the day. No prob right?!?! right....Except the man never leaves work on time...ever, meaning I will undoubtedly arrive home first! Thus meeting them for the first time alone!

*sighs with anxiety!*

It kind of makes my 'safe' zone neutral territory, since I will be walking in on them hanging out. Death by firing squad (dramatization, i know!). I hate the unknown, exactly what this is.

And truthfully I want the Man at my side, to help ease my nerves, show them how much he cares for me, walk in first, all that jazz.


I still have my whole day ahead of me, to hash out a plan where I won't arrive home first....I am tempted, may just do it. But in the long run I know I am over reacting and will be fine. But still. Come-on. It. might. be. very. scary. I want them to like me, to love me, to welcome me to the I have put a lot of pressure onto myself. I know the Man loves me with all his heart, and it doesn't matter what they think...but who am I kidding, I want them to like me!

After the first step the rest will be a cake walk. We will do touristy things, eat tons of delish food, take tours, hang out, and chat. It is bound to be an awesome weekend....if I make it through the first evening :)


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