Friday, July 31, 2009

i just couldn't wait

So yesterday, as soon as I finished my post, I started googling fabric stores, dreaming. Frankly I couldn't get these dang headbands outta my brain for not even one second!!!

So after hitting the gym I went straight to the fabric store! I hit up the remnant table, finding all sorts of goodies......I will surely be back again this weekend!!!
I am even wearing one to work today!!! :)

(Photos by MOI)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i wanna get crafty!!!

So this summer I haven't been exactly as productive as I would have liked. Don't get me wrong, I have been kicking my own rear at the gym almost daily and really loving it.... well my average would be like 3.9 days a week - there was lots and lots of family time, where touristy things and food occupied that time!

The area of productivity I was really talking about has been my art. I have been totally neglecting it - taking photos, painting, drawing, etc. I dabbled a bit yesterday afternoon when I was home sick from work (I had a sore throat and runny nose, folks....for reals!). So I worked on a little project that I started a while back. I have been putting together a recipe book semi scrapbook style and another scrapbook style book of Life's general-what-not. Pasting or handwriting out some cut-out fab finds from Mags. Food for the recipe book and cute outfit ideas/make-up tricks/hair styles/decorating ideas for the other. Also print outs from Martha (cuz she knows what she is doing in the kitchen and home!) and jotting down great food/meal ideas from yummy restaurants or the occasional Food Network show.

So when I stumbled over to 100 Layer Cake, and subsequently Heart of Light this morning, and saw these headbands/belts/awesomeness I felt the very strong urge to run to the closest fabric store.....and I realize I have no clue where that is, but will mange and then makes these! ...So this weekends mission is to find, purchase and conquer!

Just look at how awesomely cute these are! I can't wait and will probably make a few this weekend!!!

(Photos from 100Layer Cake, and Heart of Light)

Monday, July 27, 2009

wisconsin delight!

Saturday is going down the book of life as grrrreat! Sleeping in, cleaning house while rocking out, Brunch at the Bongo Room (YUMMM!), strolls around Wicker Park Fest..... and if that was not enough. Saturday night was Coldplay Viva la Vida Concert up in WI!!! It was awesome (to say the least!). The Man and I met up with dear friends, The Dovels aka Mr & Mrs Babies and Tailgated in a sea of cars, drank lots of goodness and enjoyed an amazing show!

Mrs Babies and I enjoying some Vino
The whole gang!

Hiding from the mini rain shower mid show

My Love!!!
(Photos by MOI)

Friday, July 24, 2009

simple sweetness

I feel in love with Alix and Kelly dresses when I saw them here. And re-fell in love when I stumbled over to 100 Layer Cake at lunch and noticed the posts from the past few days.
I love the ease and simplicity of these dresses from Alix and Kelly the moment I saw them a few months ago. They have been emailed to Mom many-a-time for comparison and opinion. We both agree they are beautiful!!!! Then when I saw this post, I knew immediately who her dress designer was....and drooled when I scrolled down to see shots of her wedding! I can only dream my wedding to be as beautiful as hers. The photos also made me desperately want to travel back home to SoCal and soon! But we will save that for another day!

PS - I am totally in love with the Bride and her blog...she has a new devout fan! I read most of her blog today! :) I am envious of her fabulous and fun life!
(Photo from Something Old, Something New)

"If you love me, won't cha let me know!!!"

Coldpaly Concert Saturday night. Yup. Me. Love. Them.

I haven't been to a concert in is long over do and i am so glad it is them! They are my favs!!!

"If you love me won't cha let me know!!!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

garden chic!

i would totally do this!!!
small, intimate, chic, family, love, relaxed!
Dress is from Etsy seller SarahSeven...I want ALL of her dresses!
(Photos from SarSeven on Etsy and various random internet sites)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Weekend. GREAT. Extended Family. AMAZING. Fun times. Definitely.

My nerves were unecessary, my almost-In-Laws are great. We had a very fun weekend- eating talking, hanging out, watching movies and walking around.

How was yours?

Friday, July 17, 2009


OH MY the IN-LAWS are coming!!! be honest they are my semi-almost-to be one day soon...hopefully- In-Laws. In simple terms, the Mans parents are coming up the the Big City for a visit THIS weekend! This is exciting, and nerve wracking ...a laundry list full of feelings and emotions for me.

So the story goes... The Man and I met while we both worked at a Hotel in Savannah GA (The Man's home town). We met, we dated, we fell in love, we moved here to the big city of Chicago. (We'll save the nitty gritty for another day). Prior to us moving up here I never really had the opportunity to meet his parents. And in the few years we have lived up here we haven't been home to visit. So....this is the FIRST time we will meet. I am very excited, the stories I hear are nothing but great....the perfect American family.

However.....there is always a flip side, right?!?!? I am meeting them for the FIRST time today after work. BY. MY. SELF. Yes, you could say I am a stress-case today! The Man is picking them up from the airport, dropin 'em at our place and then they are going to hang out while we are finishing up work for the day. No prob right?!?! right....Except the man never leaves work on time...ever, meaning I will undoubtedly arrive home first! Thus meeting them for the first time alone!

*sighs with anxiety!*

It kind of makes my 'safe' zone neutral territory, since I will be walking in on them hanging out. Death by firing squad (dramatization, i know!). I hate the unknown, exactly what this is.

And truthfully I want the Man at my side, to help ease my nerves, show them how much he cares for me, walk in first, all that jazz.


I still have my whole day ahead of me, to hash out a plan where I won't arrive home first....I am tempted, may just do it. But in the long run I know I am over reacting and will be fine. But still. Come-on. It. might. be. very. scary. I want them to like me, to love me, to welcome me to the I have put a lot of pressure onto myself. I know the Man loves me with all his heart, and it doesn't matter what they think...but who am I kidding, I want them to like me!

After the first step the rest will be a cake walk. We will do touristy things, eat tons of delish food, take tours, hang out, and chat. It is bound to be an awesome weekend....if I make it through the first evening :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


orange you glad i shared?!

le sigh....

ahhh Orange!!!! Orange is my favorite color....if you didn't know. I try to refrain from buying it often, because I am afraid that would be the only color I own. Maybe I would even turn orange lol! I naturally gravitate toward orange items in stores, in the flower shop, anywhere.
Just thought I would share!
(Photos from random internet)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

clear enough....

This morning my Facebook Status Update read:

.... is it bad when you have to tell you boss how to do her job/work?!?! I mean seriously doesn't that deserve some sort of raise or promotion!?!?!?
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Running all this out at the gym tonight!

Monday, July 13, 2009

arm candy

how cute and fun are these?!?!? I really like their subtle beauty and simplicity.

Small world, the seller Corine Grant - actually is from my hometown SD...same HS and extended group of friends! Check her out here!
(Photos from Corine's Etsy Shop)

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th weekend run-down

My Family Holiday weekend was an absolute blast, best weekend in a long time! I enjoyed every minute laughing with my Mom and brother. All the walking a shopping and talking and giggling.
I could not have asked for a better weekend! Those memories will never be erased!
My Brother got to spend some quality time with the Man and I. Spending each night at our place, leaving Mom to some no-teenager peace at the Hotel. The boys stayed up watching movies, and video games. They spent Thursday shopping and touring Downtown together while I was at work, and I know to my brother that time is invaluable. He looks up to the Man, in so many ways...let's hope the Man taught him only good things, not 101 ways to pick up a Chick LOL!
We went out to a few family Dinners, BBQ'd on the Fourth, went to the movies, you name it we did it. I was extremely sad to see them go and wished they didn't have to leave the Chi so soon. I am already looking forward to the next time we are all going to be together!
I hope every ones weekend was enjoyable and spent with those you love!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th

I hope every one has a great weekend! Mine will include ample amounts of Family time, food, drinks, Hamburgers, laughs and fun! What about yours???? Hopefully everyone is having a safe and fun Fourth of July, Independence Day, Holiday, long WEEKEND!!!!!

(Photo from the 'net)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

sooooo ready for the long weekend!

Wowzas it has been at long week! Even though it was a short one, it felt like 5 full days of Corporate America torture JK! (I tease, I love my job! please don't realign me! LOL) But seriously it has been a busy week for me, there are no complaints here - I am one of those weirdos who love being busy and challenged. The time flew by, though the days felt long and draining. By the time my rear hit the couch each night I was spent!

My tasks and job responsibilities have shifted a tad lately, as a coworker recently left on maternity leave, and I have absorbed all of her duties.....which I enjoy doing because my plate is now full. Full but easily manageable! Which makes me think - A. our team is way too big for our duties, are there going to be more re-alignments? Is it me?!? B. If I were the manager how can you not see these people are getting paid to do nothing, but I guess I am crass like that. I get annoyed when I see co-workers watching TV and movies all day, learning lines for the play they are in, or disappearing for hours, or running a side business from here at their Corp America desk....But maybe I only see it because I am submersed within? Now I am not going to lie, and say I haven't done anything non-work related (like the aaahem, wel... what you are reading) but honestly I would rather be working, put me to work!!!! I just know I would probably do things a bit different - if only they would recognize my potential and promote me! *sigh, dreaming*

So anyways..... I was back on the gym bandwagon hard core the past week- until the Fam arrived in town. But I have vowed to myself I won't fall off for two weeks like I did after NYC (but I was sick a bit so it wasn't all my fault!?). Being back and running hard, breaking a crazy sweat has been great. I feel so much better after those hard workouts. Both physically and mentally - maybe I mentally tell myself I physically look better already?!?! HA! Silly I know but true.....the gym can be a big battle when all you want to do after work is go home, prop up your feet and enjoy a glass of wine with your Man. But hey reality, she is a bitch...Man works alot of nights, and sexy body takes work! Any who....I have really been enjoying my workouts! I have started running alot again.....though I can't go over 5 miles without big pain in the knees and then ankles. Which has been disappointing to say the least. But at least I am getting in that far and it feels good!

I am ready for the weekend, three days of fun, family, and hopefully sun! The fourth is one of my favorite holidays partially because of the firework factor (dork and lurve them...lurve them!) and partially because it is summer and warm and you get to be outside hanging out!!!!

I hope everyone does something fun, for themselves or with friends and family. Relax a bit, drink a bit, eat a bit, sleep-in a bit....and all the other bits one should do on a holiday weekend!

Catch ya on the flip-side yo!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

currently jamming to...

It has been a surprisingly busy week in Corporate America for me. I promise to write soon... I promise! But for now enjoy some tunes I have been enjoying while plugging away at the ol 'puter.