Monday, June 29, 2009

time with the fam

Surprise Family visit!

Some exciting news!!! My Bro and Mom are coming to Chicago, THIS WEEKEND!

My Mom and Baby Bro decided to get away from the TX heat and come up for a fun family holiday weekend! I am so excited!!!! I don't get to see them often enough! Especially around holidays....we normally pick one holiday a year to see them - which is not nearly enough!

They are driving up from Austin (a crazy 18 hours I know!!!) and going to be here through the weekend. I am expecting lots of teasing for my Bro, shopping, chatting with Mom, BBQ's, fireworks, drinks and an all around fun time!

Not quite sure how sane my Mom is for driving that far with a 17 year old and two dogs.....God willing they make in one piece safe and sane!!!! From the looks will be a long, sunny ride! And I can't wait!


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