Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new residents

So I went out this weekend and I came home with a new resident for my home....I am sooooo happy they live with me now!!!! They are a LUST from a couple weeks back.

They are HOT, and I am in love!!! I can't wait to rock them this weekend in NYC! (oh yea BABY, I am headed to my most favorite US city for the weekend!!!)

As with all great purchases there is normally a little story.... pieces have gotta have history! Drama filled or otherwise. These little beauties almost didn't come live with me, sad I know! So after cleaning house like a mad woman this past Saturday, I decided to treat myself! So out shopping downtown, Mag Mile Chicago style! I met Mr. Girlfriend for an afternoon of gossiping, shopping and all around good times! I headed straight to Nordies (silly me how did I forget that the Women's half yearly sale was going on.... :) and walked straight to shoes. A few glances at the sale racks, grabbed a cute pair of tennis's, I asked a salesman for these shoes. I knew everything, name style number and size. Sadly the 6.5 didn't fit right. I mean they fit but the toe area was scrunching the top of my feet. He said they had no 7's, so I meandered, thought about how I could make the 6.5's work...and then outta no where he came back with the 7's!!! I guess someone else's loss was definitely my gain! I was kinda ticked he held out that vital info but happy nonetheless! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it is so hard to see them, the floor is really dark. And excuse the sock lines on my feet I just got home from the gym when I took these. But please, I am in love.

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