Thursday, June 4, 2009

looking ahead

Packed, Primped and Ready!!! I am sooo excited for my little weekend getaway with the fam this coming weekend. I am heading to my favorite US city (well....Second to my hometown of SD of course!) NYC, that's New York City BABY!!!

The reason for the trip has nothing to do with all the shopping and drinking and eating which will be sure to occur! My mom and I are there to drop my Baby Bro off at West Point....yeah you read that right!?!? He was invited to attend the Summer Leaders Seminar. Seriously, who is invited by the military!!!! A nerdy nerd like him, that's who! The Kid is a real freak of nature when it comes to his smarty-pants brain and sporty-like qualities - He is almost out of AP classes to take at his local high school and will probably end up taking courses at a local college for HS credit. And is on varsity everything!

In support of my Mom's mental well being, I am coming she doesn't end up sleeping in his dorm room protecting him from all the crazy stuff they will have him doing in the next weeks. Like shooting guns with live ammo, painted in cameo in a forest. He will also be having full on college type courses in all subjects! Vectors, chem lab, and engineering fundamentals OH MY!!! I can't help but be a little jealous....I have always wanted to join the military! (Guess the whole order thing jives with my OCD organization/precision thing)

I am guessing it's the gun shooting at around 4:00 and 5:00mins that is scary to her....all that classroom stuff is a cake walk!

So after we drop him off we will recoup by shopping away all our nervous energy back in the city. It will be awesome! We will hit Broadway, Fifth Ave, Times Square, the boutiques in Soho, and peruse the beauties on Canal Street (knock-off capital of the world!). We will eat from delicious street carts and go for fancy dinners and drinks! It will be a blast!

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