Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So something just clicked...SMACK right in the 'ole thinker! No seriously...I love shopping but that is because I truly love fashion! I think I might be a closet fashion-ista..... who maybe dresses lazily somedays!? I love to recreate fancy high-end looks on my mere administrative budget. (Although, I do splurge on the staple items!!!) I love to browse for inspiration, for ways to pull my pieces into different looks....preppy to chic to conservative to beachy to city girl.

I am not quite sure why I never thought about it in this manner before, but it is soo true! I love the way an outfit can totally change your attitude, make you feel pretty when you are down! You catch my drift.

It is just one of those things I never really thought about, but know it is true! Just thought I would share!


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