Thursday, June 18, 2009

a killer LUST!

Allow me to introduce the Foley & Corinna City Tote (pictured in the Mid size). I have been mentioning this LUST for about a week, I need it, want it, desire it, want to do naughty things to it....oh wait that is just too far! But seriously I love it, don't you?!?! See what New York has done me?!?! Makes me want to move and buy nice handbags!
I don't own any nice handbags like it, and it is modern enough to last me a while without falling into the trendy category. I could easy dress her up or down....and she wouldn't compete with Louis. (Louis is the LV Speedy 35 the Man got me for Christmas...because he is just that AWESOME! *sigh*). Oh geeze, I just gave the handbag a sex, now I must get it!!!! Or just look at it for hours on end each day to satisfy myself.
Does any one else have 'objects'/things/items that they lust after like this? that they think about a whhhhhooooollllllleee lot? that they really want to buy but shouldn't or can't?!?!?!


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