Monday, June 1, 2009

it's a mental teter-toter!

So a situation at work has been causing a total tennis match in my brain, back and forth - back and forth. When really, in the normal world it should be non-issue, you would just do the task as asked and send them the completed product. Well in my department at Corporate America it is different...very different!

See my boss, Crazy Boss Lady, is just that CRAZY and doesn't work like that....oh how she does not work like that!!! She does not allow us to email people at the National level without her permission, or knowledge. Why? You asked the wrong person! She claims that it is so "she can have our back' if anything were to come of it, but in actuality she A- doesn't trust her employees, probably because the ones being contacted are more highly educated and knowledgeable in the area, and B- she is just plain nosey. She wants to always be up in your business, claiming your work as her own - taking credit for ideas, and getting involved when she doesn't/shouldn't be! (yes there is a lot of frustration here folks....GRRR...RAWR!!!!!)

So, last week The Man (aww...he is so dreamy and wonderful!) talked me down from the metaphorical ledge, helped me to gauge the situation, and figure out my best plan of attack (so to speak). Because if you didn't pick up in my ramblings, the National Heads of my department sent me (only me, not Her or any of my co-workers) an email requesting my opinion on changes they are thinking of making down the line to one of the departments/functions I am a lead in.

My dilemma is...two parts, maybe three depending on how you look at it.

One way - respond & don't copy her or tell her. Fight any battle that would come down the line (if there ever was a down the line....which there shouldn't be! But hey when pigs fly....well swine flu!!! I kid, I kid! Gosh I crack myself up!), and prove to those watching and caring my opinion is valued in this company, what she does as a boss violates some HR stuff (I told you all she was loony before!). But I know in the current state of the economy that is not a smart decision....thanks Bush for getting us here! And I can not afford to fight the fight I want and get fired along the way. So the option I want most is kinda out the window right now.

Another way - respond and then forward her my response. And say...some form a lie (which is so not me. liars will always get caught!)

Or just copy her. Plain. Simple. Done. 

I think I am just going to go with the last. Respond and copy her, then talk to her after. After much deliberations, in my own brain, with the Man and a very smart friend, is the best avenue to take. But for some darn reason it just truly irritates me that I have to copy her. Guess time to learn my place in the hierarchy, better late than never. 

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