Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello again!!!

I am soo sorry for my absence, and no I haven't for gotten about you all! I swear!

I got home late Monday night, and brought home a lovely cold...So in the past few days I have been under the weather (majorly), getting caught up with work, giving presentations at work, trying to come to terms with the fact I fell in love while I was away (Crazy I know, but don't worry Man it is not with anyone else, just with an amazing city!!!!), and attempting to find an elusive handbag.

I promise to give you the full scope here soon!! Pics, details and everything that has been going on! Just let me get the faucet on my face to stop running and we will be ready to go!

Happy Thursday, almost Friday-which-is-almost-the-weekend-day!

Here is a teaser from NYC!!!

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