Monday, June 15, 2009

apple time!

My New York trip was amazing...absolutely amazing, to say the least!!! To see my Bro and Mom was such a treat, oh how I miss those two! My Bro is no longer the Baby I could beat up wrestling or make fun of just because. He is all smart and adult like now!!! Wow I feel old!

But back to NYC, seriously I love it there! Ever since I can remember it has always been my favorite city. The sights, sounds, smells - well just some of those!, the feeling surrounding the city....everything!

Mom and I shopped and ate and drank our way around Soho on Sat and Sun, Midtown and Times Square on Monday - which was one of the best times I have had in a really long time!! We ate at the best little Italian bistro in Soho on Saturday and Sun (Because it was just that good!) - caprese salads, sangria, homemade pasta, sangria and delicious creme brule! I fell in love with a tote bag - the Foley and Corrina City Tote, and now MUST have it in my closet! Bought the cutest things at Anthropolgie, and some fun trinkets from a few street vendors. It was great!!!
I really enjoyed taking photos as we walked around, and now more than ever want to invest in a fancier camera, to hone my skills and let the artsy side free. So without further ado here is my photo travels of the city!


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