Monday, June 29, 2009

time with the fam

Surprise Family visit!

Some exciting news!!! My Bro and Mom are coming to Chicago, THIS WEEKEND!

My Mom and Baby Bro decided to get away from the TX heat and come up for a fun family holiday weekend! I am so excited!!!! I don't get to see them often enough! Especially around holidays....we normally pick one holiday a year to see them - which is not nearly enough!

They are driving up from Austin (a crazy 18 hours I know!!!) and going to be here through the weekend. I am expecting lots of teasing for my Bro, shopping, chatting with Mom, BBQ's, fireworks, drinks and an all around fun time!

Not quite sure how sane my Mom is for driving that far with a 17 year old and two dogs.....God willing they make in one piece safe and sane!!!! From the looks will be a long, sunny ride! And I can't wait!

Friday, June 26, 2009

some happy vibes to send you out into the WEEKEND!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday...well because it is just that FRIDAY!!! The sun is shinning up here in Chicago and I can't wait for work to end today! Romantic date night day two with the Man (last night was shopping downtown Chi and Transformers) and tomorrow is picnic/concert in the park. Counting Crows at Grant Park with Mrs. Neighbor and maybe Mr. Neighbor and her mama.

Some tunes to send you into the weekend.....Bon Soir!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So something just clicked...SMACK right in the 'ole thinker! No seriously...I love shopping but that is because I truly love fashion! I think I might be a closet fashion-ista..... who maybe dresses lazily somedays!? I love to recreate fancy high-end looks on my mere administrative budget. (Although, I do splurge on the staple items!!!) I love to browse for inspiration, for ways to pull my pieces into different looks....preppy to chic to conservative to beachy to city girl.

I am not quite sure why I never thought about it in this manner before, but it is soo true! I love the way an outfit can totally change your attitude, make you feel pretty when you are down! You catch my drift.

It is just one of those things I never really thought about, but know it is true! Just thought I would share!

Etsy what?!

I hope you all know about Etsy. It is great. It is wonderful. It is beautiful. It really is...go take a look for yourself!!!!

For those not in the know, Etsy is an online forum for crafters, doodlers, artists alike to sell their handmade treasures. You can find find anything...literally! From soap to posters to vintage dresses redone to modern times to jewelry to paper goods...literally everything!

I frequently browse the pages getting lost in the awesomeness of these individuals talent.

I am currently lusting after this ring, rings?! From ColleenBaran.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This makes me happy!!! Very very happy!!!!!!!! I am not sure if every one has heard about who the latest collaborator with H&M is.... it is JIMMY CHOO!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

I know right, exciting!!!! I have marked my calendar and totally plan on being in the store if Chicago is one of the select cities!

I lust!!!! I mean how awesome - Beautiful shoes for a major discount - total SAVE!! ....I am totally LOVING the black pair int he foreground!

From H&M's website:

This autumn, British accessory brand Jimmy Choo will bring its international glamour and covetable shoes and bags to selected H&M stores. The collection will be available from November 14 in around 200 stores across the world. Visit for more information.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

rain rain and MORE rain!!!

I never imagined having seasonal depression in the Summer....I am not even sure if that is what it should be called, maybe seasonal anger? Mother Nature dislike. I really don't know but I do know I am sick of the rain and would really like to see summer sometime in 2009!

It is has been raining literally all month long, and really all spring for that matter! We, Chicagoans, deal with a whole lot all winter long, we at least deserve a decent summer! At least! I don't want to wear sweaters anymore, I don't want to wear coats and jackets. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO!

I want to wear tank tops and flip flops and dresses and skirts and sandals and bathing suits! Is that too much to ask?!?! I am ready with some really cute new dresses, and shorts and they all still have the tags hanging on them...BOO!!! HISSS!

So... please Mother Nature I am begging and pleading for you to send the rain to drought stricken areas and send some sun to the northern Midwest!!!! Heat, give us heat! I want to run my AC and sweat like a pubescent teenager.... PLLLLLLLease send Summer our way!!!!

a killer LUST!

Allow me to introduce the Foley & Corinna City Tote (pictured in the Mid size). I have been mentioning this LUST for about a week, I need it, want it, desire it, want to do naughty things to it....oh wait that is just too far! But seriously I love it, don't you?!?! See what New York has done me?!?! Makes me want to move and buy nice handbags!
I don't own any nice handbags like it, and it is modern enough to last me a while without falling into the trendy category. I could easy dress her up or down....and she wouldn't compete with Louis. (Louis is the LV Speedy 35 the Man got me for Christmas...because he is just that AWESOME! *sigh*). Oh geeze, I just gave the handbag a sex, now I must get it!!!! Or just look at it for hours on end each day to satisfy myself.
Does any one else have 'objects'/things/items that they lust after like this? that they think about a whhhhhooooollllllleee lot? that they really want to buy but shouldn't or can't?!?!?!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

meet my new friend!

well not my friend... but fellow blogger I have never met or emailed but really really like! So sometimes when things are slow at work I wander the Blog world....and by wander I mean devour and jump from blog to blog getting lost and forgetting how I arrived at some of those destinations!!!

Recently I found Cupcakes and Cashmere....and I am in love!!!! I love how she talks about fashion, her life and just general what-not in a chic L.A. sorta way. It makes me jealous and envious I don't document cute fashion moments, makes me dream of being dirty blonde again, makes me dream of life in CA.

I hope to take inspiration from her and use them as ways to express my love of fashion more through my blog.

So stop on over and see what I am talking about!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you got me babe!!!

I have been in love with the folk artist Meiko for about an year now. Her voice and the way I feel when her music plays is like a mental vacation from real life, and makes me think of the Man (Cuz I am the luckiest girl to have him!). She is a relatively new artist and widely unknown - though she has been getting play time on Grey Anatomy and various other network shows.

I hope you enjoy one of my favs!!!!

This is the best recording I can find on YouTube.

deja VIEW!

(Photos by Moi)

Monday, June 15, 2009

day dreamin.....

she dreams of simple, chic, sunset affair in a park or gallery setting....candle lit elegance over a hearty plated meal....dancing, laughing, relaxing with loved ones....

pretty little jems

So I guess I really do have an afliction for headbands this year. I have been wearing them all over the place, dressed up to head out, cute and put together at the office, or as spice to my casual weekend lounge wear. They are great little accessories and can totally change the look of an outfit - sweet-n-innocent to progressive and hip.

Here are a few I have bought here and don't feel an ounce of guilt! They are so pocket-book friendly and fun!!!

I bought this super cute jem in the white version as well, cuz together they cost less than lunch on a workday!!! SCORE!

This little guys isn't a headband, but a cute little clip I fell for! But feels so fresh and fun, just like the headbands I have been lusting after!

I purchased the black. I know this one appears to be a bit much, but it surprisingly look super cute!!!!
Have no fear, I know that purchasing tredy items can get you into trouble!!! Serious trouble! But see I bought all the pieces above, all for less that the one pictured below!!! Good girl!

i <3 ny a LOT!

I <3 NY!

apple time!

My New York trip was amazing...absolutely amazing, to say the least!!! To see my Bro and Mom was such a treat, oh how I miss those two! My Bro is no longer the Baby I could beat up wrestling or make fun of just because. He is all smart and adult like now!!! Wow I feel old!

But back to NYC, seriously I love it there! Ever since I can remember it has always been my favorite city. The sights, sounds, smells - well just some of those!, the feeling surrounding the city....everything!

Mom and I shopped and ate and drank our way around Soho on Sat and Sun, Midtown and Times Square on Monday - which was one of the best times I have had in a really long time!! We ate at the best little Italian bistro in Soho on Saturday and Sun (Because it was just that good!) - caprese salads, sangria, homemade pasta, sangria and delicious creme brule! I fell in love with a tote bag - the Foley and Corrina City Tote, and now MUST have it in my closet! Bought the cutest things at Anthropolgie, and some fun trinkets from a few street vendors. It was great!!!
I really enjoyed taking photos as we walked around, and now more than ever want to invest in a fancier camera, to hone my skills and let the artsy side free. So without further ado here is my photo travels of the city!

Friday, June 12, 2009

some comic reflief!!!!

This has been a week, and I am SOOOO thankful it is Friday! Oh Glorious FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

I hope the sore throat disappears and I feel 100% asap, but I am still celebrating this weekend!!!

Here is some comic relief for everyone who needs it, or wants to smile, or just because! I hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hello again!!!

I am soo sorry for my absence, and no I haven't for gotten about you all! I swear!

I got home late Monday night, and brought home a lovely cold...So in the past few days I have been under the weather (majorly), getting caught up with work, giving presentations at work, trying to come to terms with the fact I fell in love while I was away (Crazy I know, but don't worry Man it is not with anyone else, just with an amazing city!!!!), and attempting to find an elusive handbag.

I promise to give you the full scope here soon!! Pics, details and everything that has been going on! Just let me get the faucet on my face to stop running and we will be ready to go!

Happy Thursday, almost Friday-which-is-almost-the-weekend-day!

Here is a teaser from NYC!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

looking ahead

Packed, Primped and Ready!!! I am sooo excited for my little weekend getaway with the fam this coming weekend. I am heading to my favorite US city (well....Second to my hometown of SD of course!) NYC, that's New York City BABY!!!

The reason for the trip has nothing to do with all the shopping and drinking and eating which will be sure to occur! My mom and I are there to drop my Baby Bro off at West Point....yeah you read that right!?!? He was invited to attend the Summer Leaders Seminar. Seriously, who is invited by the military!!!! A nerdy nerd like him, that's who! The Kid is a real freak of nature when it comes to his smarty-pants brain and sporty-like qualities - He is almost out of AP classes to take at his local high school and will probably end up taking courses at a local college for HS credit. And is on varsity everything!

In support of my Mom's mental well being, I am coming she doesn't end up sleeping in his dorm room protecting him from all the crazy stuff they will have him doing in the next weeks. Like shooting guns with live ammo, painted in cameo in a forest. He will also be having full on college type courses in all subjects! Vectors, chem lab, and engineering fundamentals OH MY!!! I can't help but be a little jealous....I have always wanted to join the military! (Guess the whole order thing jives with my OCD organization/precision thing)

I am guessing it's the gun shooting at around 4:00 and 5:00mins that is scary to her....all that classroom stuff is a cake walk!

So after we drop him off we will recoup by shopping away all our nervous energy back in the city. It will be awesome! We will hit Broadway, Fifth Ave, Times Square, the boutiques in Soho, and peruse the beauties on Canal Street (knock-off capital of the world!). We will eat from delicious street carts and go for fancy dinners and drinks! It will be a blast!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new residents

So I went out this weekend and I came home with a new resident for my home....I am sooooo happy they live with me now!!!! They are a LUST from a couple weeks back.

They are HOT, and I am in love!!! I can't wait to rock them this weekend in NYC! (oh yea BABY, I am headed to my most favorite US city for the weekend!!!)

As with all great purchases there is normally a little story.... pieces have gotta have history! Drama filled or otherwise. These little beauties almost didn't come live with me, sad I know! So after cleaning house like a mad woman this past Saturday, I decided to treat myself! So out shopping downtown, Mag Mile Chicago style! I met Mr. Girlfriend for an afternoon of gossiping, shopping and all around good times! I headed straight to Nordies (silly me how did I forget that the Women's half yearly sale was going on.... :) and walked straight to shoes. A few glances at the sale racks, grabbed a cute pair of tennis's, I asked a salesman for these shoes. I knew everything, name style number and size. Sadly the 6.5 didn't fit right. I mean they fit but the toe area was scrunching the top of my feet. He said they had no 7's, so I meandered, thought about how I could make the 6.5's work...and then outta no where he came back with the 7's!!! I guess someone else's loss was definitely my gain! I was kinda ticked he held out that vital info but happy nonetheless! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it is so hard to see them, the floor is really dark. And excuse the sock lines on my feet I just got home from the gym when I took these. But please, I am in love.

Monday, June 1, 2009

it's a mental teter-toter!

So a situation at work has been causing a total tennis match in my brain, back and forth - back and forth. When really, in the normal world it should be non-issue, you would just do the task as asked and send them the completed product. Well in my department at Corporate America it is different...very different!

See my boss, Crazy Boss Lady, is just that CRAZY and doesn't work like that....oh how she does not work like that!!! She does not allow us to email people at the National level without her permission, or knowledge. Why? You asked the wrong person! She claims that it is so "she can have our back' if anything were to come of it, but in actuality she A- doesn't trust her employees, probably because the ones being contacted are more highly educated and knowledgeable in the area, and B- she is just plain nosey. She wants to always be up in your business, claiming your work as her own - taking credit for ideas, and getting involved when she doesn't/shouldn't be! (yes there is a lot of frustration here folks....GRRR...RAWR!!!!!)

So, last week The Man (aww...he is so dreamy and wonderful!) talked me down from the metaphorical ledge, helped me to gauge the situation, and figure out my best plan of attack (so to speak). Because if you didn't pick up in my ramblings, the National Heads of my department sent me (only me, not Her or any of my co-workers) an email requesting my opinion on changes they are thinking of making down the line to one of the departments/functions I am a lead in.

My dilemma is...two parts, maybe three depending on how you look at it.

One way - respond & don't copy her or tell her. Fight any battle that would come down the line (if there ever was a down the line....which there shouldn't be! But hey when pigs fly....well swine flu!!! I kid, I kid! Gosh I crack myself up!), and prove to those watching and caring my opinion is valued in this company, what she does as a boss violates some HR stuff (I told you all she was loony before!). But I know in the current state of the economy that is not a smart decision....thanks Bush for getting us here! And I can not afford to fight the fight I want and get fired along the way. So the option I want most is kinda out the window right now.

Another way - respond and then forward her my response. And say...some form a lie (which is so not me. liars will always get caught!)

Or just copy her. Plain. Simple. Done. 

I think I am just going to go with the last. Respond and copy her, then talk to her after. After much deliberations, in my own brain, with the Man and a very smart friend, is the best avenue to take. But for some darn reason it just truly irritates me that I have to copy her. Guess time to learn my place in the hierarchy, better late than never. 

currently jamming to...

I think I figured out how to post some videos from get ready to watch and listen to what is rockin' in my world now!

Enjoy! Here is the song from Friday.