Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why me....

So I am still sick, uggh it sucks!!!! My voice sounds like a prepubescent teenage boy (or a funny Peanuts character), and my nose runs green. Fun, right!

The Man went to Texas for work this week, so I am home alone, and hating it. I need him to take care of me, and bring me juice when my throat is revolting....boy do I miss him!!! You don't realize how much you begin to rely on anothers presence until they are gone.....or maybe I am just whiny because I feel so crappy!

BOO HOO on being sick! And YIPPEE for realizing (or the re-assuring to myself the truth in the feelings of) absolute love and desire to be in a strong, loving relationship with the Man.

The Man and I at Carnivale, Summer '08


  1. Such a perfect couple.


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