Monday, May 4, 2009

Success in the Extravaganza!!!

My little Birthday Party was a success!!! Success I tell you!

I laughed, cried, danced and would do it all over again tomorrow!

I had an absolutely amazing night, AWESOME! There were plenty of drinks to go around, lots of nibbles to be nibbled on and was attended by the best group of friends you could ask for. (Side Note - there were a few peeps missing and I know they would have been there if they could've...The Choker , J.Nasty, Peacock, Hookah and Mr. Girlfriend) not let that fool you plenty of friends came out and PLENTY of drinks were had! P.L.E.N.T.Y.

I was de-virginized (is that even a word?!). I am no longer a Tequila virgin....and surprisingly he likes me! I did good! Six or so shots of him, a handful of margaritas, a Jagger Bomb here, and a Jack 'N Coke there....Lord I told you it was a good night! I did cartwheels on the way home in celebration.... or was that a drunken haze? Who knows! I do know that I had an absolutely amazing time, and can't wait for all the fun BBQ's and outings which will surely occur this summer season! YIPPEEEE!

I will let some G rated photos show the fun!...So let's let the photos do the talking....
This is The Man and I at home, just starting the party!
And then we all took a short walk down the block, to here.... and drank and drank and drank a whole lot more!
Another party left their balloons, so look who got
them.... BIRTHDAY GIRL (except I am NOT 30!
AM NOT AM NOT...yet at least!)!!!
Oh yeah.....It was an awesome night!
See I am drunk...wait was drink...I mean drunk....All of the above!
Miss Deli and I...Dancing Fools
I told you it was a grrrrreat night!
The Man and I have so much fun when we are
together, I am sooo smitten in love!

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