Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sometimes in my head I just go.....REALLY?!?!?! I do this to a lot of things, like girls pretending to walk in 4-inch heels when they clearly can't (Come on Hun go home a practice will ya?!!!). Or at those drunk guys making horribly uncomfortable passes at chicks in the bar - dude slurring your words and acting all macho isn't going to get you a ticket to Panty-ville!

But one that really irritates me is the "Gym Girl".

We have all seen them, most probably get irritated by them as well, but these fine specimens really rub me the wrong way. These are the girls who look like they just stepped out of a catalog - clothes so new you can still see the shadow of the tag. Or the are so color coordinated you wanna puke. Proudly wearing the too tight college co-ed shorts 5 sizes too small, with the full blown make up and hair. The ones, with the low-cut tops and short short shorts. Now it is these girls who drive me nuts!!!!! Really, you are going to work out with that much foundation, eye shadow and gloss on? You must not be getting sweaty, as that stuff will fall right off! You must not be running cuz you got no supports for da twins! These girls really never break a sweat, and who knows if there is really any physical benefit received at the end of the 'work-out'.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some cute work out gear - new, old or other wise. And I do put my hair back and pretend to look slightly presentable...but I am at the gym to get sweaty! Cute but sweaty - there is a BIG difference! I do not go there to attract the attention of the steroid junkies with monstrosities for upper bodies and toothpicks for legs. I go there to get my sweat on - burn some serious calories!

These "girls" go there to work out there hips and'on! don't hog the cardio equipment if you are going to walk that slow 3.5 pace for 30 minutes. Let me run hard at 7.5 for 20 and I will be done and outta your way. Don't stand in front of the mirror doing biceps curls at a 10 to 30-min pace, checking themselves out every 3 seconds....Pump the iron and move on.

Maybe I am irritated because as the weather here in CHI gets nicer, the seasonal gym goers come out as well. Ohh how they irritate me too, clearly they have been hibernating for the last 7 months and they make me want to scream "It is too late to loose the inter-tube around your middle!!". It is these "Gym Girls" and seasonal people that make working out after work a nightmare! Take your selves to the fancy Fitness club down the block and stare in the mirrors there!

OK I am done...I will be nice now! I will go work-out, get sweaty and keep my thoughts to myself... or to the Internet world!

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