Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MUST Lusts!!!

I know I have explained my shopping addiction, but really I do have sooo many things that I reallllly, really need. Who am I fooling, they are wants, but if you want something so bad doesn't it automatically transition into the need category? Yea, I thought so too!

So my current list is totally fulfilling my artistic needs. (I think I get more artsy when the sun comes out and warms me!) I need these items STAT, to make this an awesome spring/summer season! And so I don't cry and cry because I don't get anything fun that I want.

Nikon D40

Our Digital Camera (mine from college, eons ago!) has seen plenty of better days. I love photographs, photography and NEED this camera! Everything I have read about this model has been great, awesome for a beginner etc, etc.....I am even eyeing a Beginners Photography class so I can learn how to use it properly and other cool techniques.

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!! Canvases that is....

Love to Paint, out of paintable surfaces at home equals BUY more! I hate painting without good natural light, and I tend to hibernate on the couch during winter months, so time to get cracking on some new pieces, now that I can actually open the windows and balcony door.

Paint....self explanatory, a painter can never have too many paints!

Notebook, to become My Recipe Book
I am tired of the shuffling of papers/print out recipes to find what I am looking for....and I kinda love to scrapbook, so I thought making a book to grow with me as my recipes grow would be a fun Weekend project, and I love me a good crafty project! I might draw little designs emulating what the dish looks like, or something to make it fun...who knows!

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