Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Head Gear

This year.... I have been rocking headbands more than normal...fun ones, conservative plain ones, Crazy ones. I wore a bright blue feathery doll on New Years eve, a cute black and feathery one for my birthday party, a hot pink ribbon for my birthday day. Recently, I have been rocking this awesome head band for a while now...about 2 months or so. I picked it up here because it was soooo cute. I get compliments all the time, and I really do love it. It isn't one of those headbands that gives you a headache after a few hours and totally looks cute to boot.

So this past weekend when the Man and I were out enjoying some rays, nibbles and drinks here, we stopped in the Wicker Park Urban and he got me this!!!! Isn't it cute! I rocked it out that night, and can't wait for the fun in wearing this!!


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