Friday, May 1, 2009

Goin' Back Back....

Today is my birthday and I want to think about the beach. So I am. Dammit, it's my birthday and if I want to, I can!

I miss the beach a whole lot really, more than I let myself believe. People here, in the place I live, think this giant body of water we live on has a beach. Maybe I am biased, but seriously folks....Beaches have salt water, and their names end in Ocean....I am personally friends with Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic! Beaches are not related to the Lake family, they just aren't....HELLO, it is a LAKE!!! ok ok, I am biased I know, but when you have experienced the real thing, there is NO going back!

Ahh! The crash of the waves, squawk of the seagulls, the feeling of the warm sand sliding between your toes...the essence of everything Beach. And all this is much different than those occurrences if they were to occur by a Lake. I know this, I might be an expert! Oh how I miss you sunny Beach!!!! Especially today as I sit at Corporate America, my cubicle in the sky, I wish for the beating rays of sun on my shoulders. Dried salt water on my skin. Sand in all those hard to reach places.....where there are no clocks, or no deadlines to meet but where the sun and sand meet the surf.....This is where I wish I was on my birthday. Maybe next year I will travel there, to the place I'm from, sunny Southern California so I can do just that!
Mission Beach
(I used to live at the end of the road dunning
down the middle...if it continued south about
another inch you would see the house)
(This is my Alma I feel old saying it
that way! See why skipping class was sooo easy!)

Del Mar looking at Torrey Pines State Beach
(Many a day spent soaking up rays here!)


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