Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dirty little......

Don't we all have dirty little secrets stashed away somewhere?!?! Come on now...don't lie! I know you do! You ate the last cookie but left the container in the pantry...shoved clothes and what not into the closet as friends rang the door bell....DVR nasty little delicious MTV shows to devour when no one is around, ok you catch my drift. These are those little things that ONLY you know about, they don't hurt any other parties, but they simply exist in your life. Do you want to know one of mine? OK you do.... I love blogs, all things blogs. Well, allow me to rephrase and be brutally honest, I love all things wedding blogs. There I did it! I spilled the metaphorical beans.

I know I know, it is bad, right?!?! I know I would be advised that I should not rush it, why are you doing this. But really there is a reason I promise. See if you.....it is just because.....shoot who am I kidding, I luuuuuuvre weddings, want to be married and all that jazz. I can't wait for the day (but I can if that makes sense!) I dream of being an event planner, who hosts the most extravagant, tasteful, organized, chic, coordinated, fun events....and hey some of them can be weddings too! So the combination of all this "zest" for events makes for some mean blog following.

Now, I did go ahead and tell my secret, I will now however NOT tell you how bad it really is.....how many I read on a daily, weekly basis. I will not tell you, how for the few blogs that I truly "follow" that I have gone back and read them in their entirety. Or that I have mental suggestions for them on the choices they are making.....oh wait did I just do that. Although it does seem smart to me to do some "research" about what I am thinking about for my own wedding one day. Contemplate color schemes, venues, dress styles, style of photographs, etc....you men do research about those fancy TV's you insist we have... HDMI, 1080, 720, LCD vs Plasma...right?! This is just my Market research! Wow, how easily I just justified it to myself!

So, I say enjoy your dirty little secrets, as long as no one gets hurt they are fine by me!

(The Man - Sorry if my DirtyLittleSecret scares you a bit....I am, but it is true!)


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