Thursday, May 28, 2009


I am totally enamored by this song right now. I love Coldplay (I mean, who doesn't...they are awesome! But if they were to read this, I would say, please go back to the old stuff, it was sooo much more awesome than the new stuff, not that your new stuff isn't awesome either!?!) and I love folk-y music, you are. Yellow as covered by the artist Jem.

I have totally listened to this song on repeat for hours!

GO Check it out.....I am lame and can't figure out how to post it right onto my page....hey back off I am still learning in this whole bloggin' thing! ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Time and the Grillin's easy!

I purchased a LUST this morning!!

I was sooo excited....walked into the store, giddy and nervous. I found it, the LAST one...Bought it, brought it home, and am ready to put it into high rotation!!!! I bought the GRILL!!!!! Sad for my closet and feet, but sooooo good all the summer evenings to come.

Here it is, think I will call him Charlie....the Char-Broil BBQ grill who will make me very happy now that he lives at my house! :)

But first let introduce my Baby...(who I have neglected to introduce to you all, my sincerest apologies, I swear!!!!!) he was a spotlight stealer during this afternoons photo shoot. We will get to Charlie, but here is my Baby!

"Hi MOM!!!" Oh HI my Baby!

Isn't he the sweetest thing you have ever seen?!?!?! I know, right!

Oh there is Charlie, sitting pretty ready to fire me some amazing dogs, burgers, steaks and tons more this summer season....Don't worry Baby hot dogs, not you!

Whoops there he is again!
Please notice I went a little Martha Stewart with the flowers, but a girl needs some lushness in the city and flowers are just the trick after a drab colorless winter...oh but yeah one already died (notice the pot in the foreground, whoops!)

PR.....a couple more!

We got a little outdoorsy this day, and went hiking in the rainforest....

Puerto Rico Cont

Here are a few more shots from my trip....aaah to be on a vacation again!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Puerto Rico

A couple of months ago I went on a little vacation to Puerto Rico. I went with my Mom and Cousin D and some of her friends. This was a 40th Birthday celebration trip for D, and a short little fun getaway for me!!! It was nice to get out of the cold and deary city, since March was celebrated by cold weather and bouts of snow here in Chicago.

I was overdo for some time in the Sun and always love hanging out with my Mom. I thought I would share a few fun photos from the trip....I was trying to be a cool photographer and get some cool shots....I like 'em and hope you do too! I am ready to go back!
Here are just a few...more to come later...well, maybe if you are nice!

We ate lunch at Restaurant which served the BESSSSTT Pina Coladas, they claim to be home to the first...I don't really care, it went down easy....waaaay to easy. I could have drinken like ten more, but can't get sloppy in front of guests! :)

Me and Mom enjoying our drinks!

Pina Colada for me, Banana Daiquiri for her!!! Isn't she gorgeous!!!!

So pretty! Loved all the painted houses

El Morro Fort, well it is behind me, I liked this graffiti

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sometimes in my head I just go.....REALLY?!?!?! I do this to a lot of things, like girls pretending to walk in 4-inch heels when they clearly can't (Come on Hun go home a practice will ya?!!!). Or at those drunk guys making horribly uncomfortable passes at chicks in the bar - dude slurring your words and acting all macho isn't going to get you a ticket to Panty-ville!

But one that really irritates me is the "Gym Girl".

We have all seen them, most probably get irritated by them as well, but these fine specimens really rub me the wrong way. These are the girls who look like they just stepped out of a catalog - clothes so new you can still see the shadow of the tag. Or the are so color coordinated you wanna puke. Proudly wearing the too tight college co-ed shorts 5 sizes too small, with the full blown make up and hair. The ones, with the low-cut tops and short short shorts. Now it is these girls who drive me nuts!!!!! Really, you are going to work out with that much foundation, eye shadow and gloss on? You must not be getting sweaty, as that stuff will fall right off! You must not be running cuz you got no supports for da twins! These girls really never break a sweat, and who knows if there is really any physical benefit received at the end of the 'work-out'.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some cute work out gear - new, old or other wise. And I do put my hair back and pretend to look slightly presentable...but I am at the gym to get sweaty! Cute but sweaty - there is a BIG difference! I do not go there to attract the attention of the steroid junkies with monstrosities for upper bodies and toothpicks for legs. I go there to get my sweat on - burn some serious calories!

These "girls" go there to work out there hips and'on! don't hog the cardio equipment if you are going to walk that slow 3.5 pace for 30 minutes. Let me run hard at 7.5 for 20 and I will be done and outta your way. Don't stand in front of the mirror doing biceps curls at a 10 to 30-min pace, checking themselves out every 3 seconds....Pump the iron and move on.

Maybe I am irritated because as the weather here in CHI gets nicer, the seasonal gym goers come out as well. Ohh how they irritate me too, clearly they have been hibernating for the last 7 months and they make me want to scream "It is too late to loose the inter-tube around your middle!!". It is these "Gym Girls" and seasonal people that make working out after work a nightmare! Take your selves to the fancy Fitness club down the block and stare in the mirrors there!

OK I am done...I will be nice now! I will go work-out, get sweaty and keep my thoughts to myself... or to the Internet world!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Head Gear

This year.... I have been rocking headbands more than ones, conservative plain ones, Crazy ones. I wore a bright blue feathery doll on New Years eve, a cute black and feathery one for my birthday party, a hot pink ribbon for my birthday day. Recently, I have been rocking this awesome head band for a while now...about 2 months or so. I picked it up here because it was soooo cute. I get compliments all the time, and I really do love it. It isn't one of those headbands that gives you a headache after a few hours and totally looks cute to boot.

So this past weekend when the Man and I were out enjoying some rays, nibbles and drinks here, we stopped in the Wicker Park Urban and he got me this!!!! Isn't it cute! I rocked it out that night, and can't wait for the fun in wearing this!!

why me....

So I am still sick, uggh it sucks!!!! My voice sounds like a prepubescent teenage boy (or a funny Peanuts character), and my nose runs green. Fun, right!

The Man went to Texas for work this week, so I am home alone, and hating it. I need him to take care of me, and bring me juice when my throat is revolting....boy do I miss him!!! You don't realize how much you begin to rely on anothers presence until they are gone.....or maybe I am just whiny because I feel so crappy!

BOO HOO on being sick! And YIPPEE for realizing (or the re-assuring to myself the truth in the feelings of) absolute love and desire to be in a strong, loving relationship with the Man.

The Man and I at Carnivale, Summer '08

dirty little......

Don't we all have dirty little secrets stashed away somewhere?!?! Come on now...don't lie! I know you do! You ate the last cookie but left the container in the pantry...shoved clothes and what not into the closet as friends rang the door bell....DVR nasty little delicious MTV shows to devour when no one is around, ok you catch my drift. These are those little things that ONLY you know about, they don't hurt any other parties, but they simply exist in your life. Do you want to know one of mine? OK you do.... I love blogs, all things blogs. Well, allow me to rephrase and be brutally honest, I love all things wedding blogs. There I did it! I spilled the metaphorical beans.

I know I know, it is bad, right?!?! I know I would be advised that I should not rush it, why are you doing this. But really there is a reason I promise. See if is just because.....shoot who am I kidding, I luuuuuuvre weddings, want to be married and all that jazz. I can't wait for the day (but I can if that makes sense!) I dream of being an event planner, who hosts the most extravagant, tasteful, organized, chic, coordinated, fun events....and hey some of them can be weddings too! So the combination of all this "zest" for events makes for some mean blog following.

Now, I did go ahead and tell my secret, I will now however NOT tell you how bad it really many I read on a daily, weekly basis. I will not tell you, how for the few blogs that I truly "follow" that I have gone back and read them in their entirety. Or that I have mental suggestions for them on the choices they are making.....oh wait did I just do that. Although it does seem smart to me to do some "research" about what I am thinking about for my own wedding one day. Contemplate color schemes, venues, dress styles, style of photographs, men do research about those fancy TV's you insist we have... HDMI, 1080, 720, LCD vs Plasma...right?! This is just my Market research! Wow, how easily I just justified it to myself!

So, I say enjoy your dirty little secrets, as long as no one gets hurt they are fine by me!

(The Man - Sorry if my DirtyLittleSecret scares you a bit....I am, but it is true!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009




No seriously folks! I am soo sick, it is not even funny! I haven't felt this crappy in years. Achy, feverish, sore throat, lime green name it I got it. I took pride the last few times The Man has gone to the dark sick side, and nothing happened to me. Well this time I got it! I got it bad!

Just wanted to let you know I am alive...but back soon! I hope!

oh NO!!!!!! What if it is the Swine....?!?! It isn't but what... what if!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MUST Lusts!!!

I know I have explained my shopping addiction, but really I do have sooo many things that I reallllly, really need. Who am I fooling, they are wants, but if you want something so bad doesn't it automatically transition into the need category? Yea, I thought so too!

So my current list is totally fulfilling my artistic needs. (I think I get more artsy when the sun comes out and warms me!) I need these items STAT, to make this an awesome spring/summer season! And so I don't cry and cry because I don't get anything fun that I want.

Nikon D40

Our Digital Camera (mine from college, eons ago!) has seen plenty of better days. I love photographs, photography and NEED this camera! Everything I have read about this model has been great, awesome for a beginner etc, etc.....I am even eyeing a Beginners Photography class so I can learn how to use it properly and other cool techniques.

MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!! Canvases that is....

Love to Paint, out of paintable surfaces at home equals BUY more! I hate painting without good natural light, and I tend to hibernate on the couch during winter months, so time to get cracking on some new pieces, now that I can actually open the windows and balcony door.

Paint....self explanatory, a painter can never have too many paints!

Notebook, to become My Recipe Book
I am tired of the shuffling of papers/print out recipes to find what I am looking for....and I kinda love to scrapbook, so I thought making a book to grow with me as my recipes grow would be a fun Weekend project, and I love me a good crafty project! I might draw little designs emulating what the dish looks like, or something to make it fun...who knows!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Success in the Extravaganza!!!

My little Birthday Party was a success!!! Success I tell you!

I laughed, cried, danced and would do it all over again tomorrow!

I had an absolutely amazing night, AWESOME! There were plenty of drinks to go around, lots of nibbles to be nibbled on and was attended by the best group of friends you could ask for. (Side Note - there were a few peeps missing and I know they would have been there if they could've...The Choker , J.Nasty, Peacock, Hookah and Mr. Girlfriend) not let that fool you plenty of friends came out and PLENTY of drinks were had! P.L.E.N.T.Y.

I was de-virginized (is that even a word?!). I am no longer a Tequila virgin....and surprisingly he likes me! I did good! Six or so shots of him, a handful of margaritas, a Jagger Bomb here, and a Jack 'N Coke there....Lord I told you it was a good night! I did cartwheels on the way home in celebration.... or was that a drunken haze? Who knows! I do know that I had an absolutely amazing time, and can't wait for all the fun BBQ's and outings which will surely occur this summer season! YIPPEEEE!

I will let some G rated photos show the fun!...So let's let the photos do the talking....
This is The Man and I at home, just starting the party!
And then we all took a short walk down the block, to here.... and drank and drank and drank a whole lot more!
Another party left their balloons, so look who got
them.... BIRTHDAY GIRL (except I am NOT 30!
AM NOT AM NOT...yet at least!)!!!
Oh yeah.....It was an awesome night!
See I am drunk...wait was drink...I mean drunk....All of the above!
Miss Deli and I...Dancing Fools
I told you it was a grrrrreat night!
The Man and I have so much fun when we are
together, I am sooo smitten in love!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Goin' Back Back....

Today is my birthday and I want to think about the beach. So I am. Dammit, it's my birthday and if I want to, I can!

I miss the beach a whole lot really, more than I let myself believe. People here, in the place I live, think this giant body of water we live on has a beach. Maybe I am biased, but seriously folks....Beaches have salt water, and their names end in Ocean....I am personally friends with Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic! Beaches are not related to the Lake family, they just aren't....HELLO, it is a LAKE!!! ok ok, I am biased I know, but when you have experienced the real thing, there is NO going back!

Ahh! The crash of the waves, squawk of the seagulls, the feeling of the warm sand sliding between your toes...the essence of everything Beach. And all this is much different than those occurrences if they were to occur by a Lake. I know this, I might be an expert! Oh how I miss you sunny Beach!!!! Especially today as I sit at Corporate America, my cubicle in the sky, I wish for the beating rays of sun on my shoulders. Dried salt water on my skin. Sand in all those hard to reach places.....where there are no clocks, or no deadlines to meet but where the sun and sand meet the surf.....This is where I wish I was on my birthday. Maybe next year I will travel there, to the place I'm from, sunny Southern California so I can do just that!
Mission Beach
(I used to live at the end of the road dunning
down the middle...if it continued south about
another inch you would see the house)
(This is my Alma I feel old saying it
that way! See why skipping class was sooo easy!)

Del Mar looking at Torrey Pines State Beach
(Many a day spent soaking up rays here!)