Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So 'The Man' is sick!!!!

Oh how I hate when he is sick! I hate feeling helpless, feeling that I can't do anything to make it stop, to make him better. I guess it is those mothering instincts in me, that always want to make it all better. He came home from work all full of funny sounds last night...the clearing of his throat constantly, phlegmy snorts and coughs! The honking...I mean blowing of the nose. Oh the fun! He tossed and turned all night, poor thing! I felt bad every time I woke to check on him, he was in a different position - on top of the covers, with a shirt, without a shirt, in the living room, at the computer - just never in bed asleep.

He better not have brought home the "Swine"! Given poor old me the Swine Flu virus!!! Though we are very pork friendly in this house....I prefer it to be in bacon, ham or sausage not in illness form. This crazy epidemic is no laughing matter, I feel so bad for everyone affected. And it looks like it is spreading quick.... the news is saying everyone who is affected in the NY area can be traced to a group of individuals who went to Cancun for Spring Break. First it was West Nile, then it was the Bird Flu, then SARS.....crazy talk! These diseases are morphing outta control, or is it us humans....who really knows!

Sometimes making light of the situation, joking about it can take some of the sting away or bring down the intensity. I know for me, joking about the elephant in the room makes actually talking about said elephant much easier.....I am really trying hard to work on the passive aggressive side (I promise!). So this morning when I saw this I laughed....out loud actually. Followed quickly (and I mean very quickly) by guilt and shame, but when I saw this I giggled.

Seriously though, we should all protect ourselves if we think we may have come in contact with any one who may have this virus. But in the mean time, laugh a little and Enjoy!

And 'Man' these flowers are for you!!!! If only getting them made you a quarter as happy, or better, or loved as I am when I get some - then you will be better in no time!!! I promise to do everything I can to make you better and fast!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Systems are a GO!!!

I just got back from the doctors....and was given clearance to RUN!!!! Well, really Dr. Foot, Ankle, Knee said I may slowly start jogging again. Slowly. No more than half the total distance I was running before I 'broke' (And I thought she was a doctor not a mathematician!). Then do the other half on the boring elliptical. But hey I can RUN, ok ok jog again!!! This is cause for celebration!!!

The other instructions I was given is to soak my feet and ankles in an ice bath for five minutes directly after I am done. This will help the remaining inflammation, and assist with anything new I may cause. I always was clumsy and klutzy....but have great coordination and balance - such an oxymoron I am! For these baths I may recruit 'The Man', as he increases his running, I need to make sure to take care of him even more! Dr. F,A,K said that marathoners swear by it. She would know she runs them herself. She mentioned they do full body soaks...but like me she sticks to the foot region.

This is exciting news! I am pumped!!! I have already had the talk with myself though, because I don't really do the whole 'half' thing very well. I may need reminding that I need to slow down my pace, watch my distance etc.... but who knows 2 weeks without running I may not even be able to make that 'half'.

I will be able to test out the fancy, expensive shoes I went out and bought (See Below - and I didn't get Pink mine are Blue), lets hope they hold up their end of the deal!!!

My mind is already thinking of the other new running items I need....want, am lusting after. There has to be function in them if they are for sale, right??? That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Another Monday

Ahhh Monday. Monday's always gets here quicker than I would like, announcing another work week is ready to begin. Sad but true. This morning as I reluctantly rolled, stumbled, fell out of bed I vowed to myself that I would be positive this week, keep my head up and charge right on through!

Reasons you ask...well the two main factors are:

1. At the end of the week I will be turning yet another year older. Gracefully ageing. Becoming an old fart. Celebrating the day of my birth, whatever you want to call it, I am traveling farther and farther away from my teenage years and further into adulthood. Away from the years full of reckless abandonment, lack of true responsibilities, YOUTH!

Lately, as I look back I do not miss it all that much. I don't miss the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, the endless mornings waking up hungover to high hell or possibly still drunk or better yet, having not even made it into bed yet! The crazy things us kids used to do. (You did that too, right?!?!) But there is one thing, just ONE thing that I truly do miss. I looooong for it every day, yearn for it to be around again. I would trade a bit of this and a bit of that just for it to be here again. What is it you ask? Huh, huh?? Is the suspense killing you? No, well ok. The item (I am not sure you can even call it that. "Thing" doesn't really work either.) I would like back, that was so abundant and healthy in my youth, my body.

Eww!! No, not the teenage awkward body, where you awkwardly figure out how you work. I miss my body that functioned with out serious creaks or cracks, pains or aches. To be able to jump outta bed and run a few miles, twist around in your chair, anything something all with out the forthcoming pain. Maybe I miss it so much because my body is currently broken, out of commission and plain not working right. Probably so. But it was that crazy reckless youth that put me into my current state. Too many sprained ankles in High School to count, numerous other cheer related injuries (yes, I was a cheerleader. Stop! We can discuss this later.) and those weird issues with my hips and knees from all the years of intense on/off ice training (yes, I was an ice skater as well.).

And so here I am today, a responsible AGING adult (LOL!) who just wants to be able to run and work out without pain. Is that so much to ask?!?! Ahh getting old sucks! Which leads us to number two....

2. I have an appointment with the doctor (Dr. Foot, Ankle, Knee), to see if inflammation in my lowest four joints (both ankles and knees) has gone down enough for me to start running again.

A couple weeks ago in my quest to be fit and partake in activities I enjoy, I increased the distance I was running, and inadvertently I broke myself. She said I was over pronating my ankles due to incorrect long distance running shoes (who knew if you ran over a certian distance 'normal' running shoes are bad) coupled with week ligaments and tendons caused by my previous injuries. Which in turn caused a severe strain on my knees, as they were compensating for the new 'bad' range of movement they were experiencing they got injured and inflamed as well. Can we say domino effect!

So, per Doc's orders I went and bought the expensive, fancy running shoes as was instructed, dutifully put in the granny orthopedics. And have been reluctantly wearing them constantly (well, to be honest, as much as I can stand) for the past two weeks. The pain has definitely decreased. I can walk without the intense pain, but haven't be able to run yet (doctors orders, but kind of afraid to try). Hopefully she has good news, or at least some sort of promising news. Tomorrow we shall find out.

So... this is why I am keeping my head up and positive out look on!

Getting old, and being told you are 'still' broken is a bit much for one week!

Friday, April 24, 2009

HI! :)

HI! Nice to meet you Internet world!

I have wanted to start a blog for a long while now... reluctant - yes, excited - double YES!!! As a way to express myself, let opinions flow, crazy ideas meander and me just really be me.

For those how choose to follow, randomly read, or who merely happen to stumble here I warn! I am a math and science brain, writing is a struggle, grammar...umm not so much! You will notice I use '...' and '!!!!!' (many of those) to a fault. So my apologies in advance for errors I will surely make.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and rumblings.... for this is my life, my thoughts and my!