Friday, November 21, 2014

ahead of the game, shopping style!

You can thank a particularly long 3 hour conference call (where my contribution was approximately 4.8 seconds) for this list, and the obscene amounts of store mailing lists I'm apart of!

Here are some GREAT sales coming up, or just started! Ready, set, SHOP!!!!! I've included some of my favorite items from each  - just to help get you on the right path! Stock up on extra winter clothes while you anyone else shocked at how cold it's been and it's not even December yet!!!!!

Current/Elliott: Take 25 percent off in store and online. (November 26-December 1) [My Picks: Coated Skinny Jeans, and Leather Biker jacket

Equipment: Take 25 percent off all full price and sale merchandise in store and online. (November 26-December 1) [My Picks: silk blouse with mini stars and Cashmere turtleneck]

Everlane: 100 percent of all November 28 profits will be donated to Everlane's silk factory in Hangzhou, China—specifically towards the beautification and greening of the factory grounds. [My Picks: EVERYTHING! I want one of everything! ;) ]

Intermix: Take 30 percent off all sale items, for savings of up to 70 percent, in-store and online. (November 27-December 1) [My Picks: Rag & Bone Sweater, Equipment plaid blouse, and this black wide brimmed hat (like the one I got in Paris)! ]

Joie: Take 25 percent off all full price and sale merchandise in store and online. (November 26-December 1) [My Picks: Turtleneck Sweater, these AMAZING metallic booties, and this perfume]

Lulu & Georgia: Spend $250 and get 20 percent off with PUMPKINPIE20; spend $500 and get 25 percent off with PUMPKINPIE25; spend $1,000 and get 30 percent off with PUMPKINPIE30. (November 28-December 2) [My Picks: Mr & Mrs Ornaments (WANT!!), Sate pillow (California Obvi!) and a cozy white throw blanket]

OTTE - Extra 40% off sale!! Starting TODAY, enter 'BlackFridayEA' at check out. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

things I learned from French women....Lipstick

things I learned from French women......

Let your natural beauty shine through (ie no visible make-up), and add a killer lip - preferably red.

So while I was there I did just that, and every night out since we've been home. Wouldn't you know lipstick isn't scary and it makes me feel like I rule the world.

Here are my current favs! Both are from the NARS Audacious line Rita (left) and Olivia (right). So easy to use - so don't be intimidated! I have a running list in my phone of what I want to purchase next too! Heat Wave by Nars, Nude Vanille by Tom Ford and a few others. What are your go to shades???

[Full vacation recaps coming, had to order a new camera cord.....not sure who ate ours!oy!]

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Soooo many cute dresses on sale at Madewell right now! And they are an additional 30% off!!!! I feel like it's gonna be a bootie, tights, dress fall & winter for me - Time to stock up!!!!

Here are a few of my favorites on sale right now!

And because all the sale is on sale - just enter 'HaveItAll', here are some others that are perfect for the coming colder months!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

thursday treats 10.2

I bought these, I had too. Do yourself a favor go buy them!!!! If you are in the market for some really cute and comfortable flats, get these!!! They are soo flattering! And perfect for Fall!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Crushing on.... Simplicity & Greys

It's hard to deny that Fall temps are on the way (Let's all pause and grieve the end of summer sun & warmth). Harummmph.

I'm passing up on patterns and opting for classic lines, and all forms of grey this fall. From the palest greys/white to the darkest/black. Chunky D'orsay Heels, Simple bags, classic studs, hints of lace & fun flat boots & sneaks!

Have you purchased anything yet for Fall?

Shop the post & some more favorites here:

Friday, September 26, 2014

new digs: Bathroom Update

As some of you know, probably most of you (if we are friends on da' insta) we moved at the start of summer. To say we are in love with our new home would be an understatement, it's very much 'us'!

After getting the keys we had our entire place painted, well, all the common areas. Leaving the bathrooms, and bedrooms as is. They were all neutral-ish colors so nothing like OMG katsup and mustard on the walls (like the living room!) and worked for us.

Now after settling in, I've finally gotten the urge to keep making it ours! We added Bessie about a week ago and now my sights are set on the hall/guest bath. Dark walls, covered floor to ceiling with art. Modern, old, photos, oil paintings. personal moments, vintage family portraits.

Now I know I don't want black walls, it's a small bathroom without any natural light. But I want them dark enough to make the art the focus! But I need to make sure the tile doesn't look crazy bc it is tan in color as is the granite (and those aren't changing).....Here goes nothing!!! Off to the paint store I go :)

Oh and here is our hall bath as it was BM (Before Mikell's, LOL) [The color is a sage-ish green, kinda tany. It's floor to ceiling & it screams Mom/suburbia!]

Thursday, September 25, 2014

2 eggs and Paris

Wow, where in the world did a month go?!?!?!!!!

If you really want to know I can summarize it into 3 quick statements. (1) Impulsively book trip to Europe. (2) Work your a$$ off (teach lots-o-Barre and endless overtime) to increase your shopping money (3) Obsess that you won't have the right outfits to wear in Paris!!!!!!!!!

So yea, that's been consuming my brain for the last month! PARIS (and Amsterdam). This will be my first time to Paris, although 6th time to Europe, never made this stop until this coming trip! And first time to both with my love!!! We are soo excited!  If you know me, you know my type-A is in overdrive, reading researching finding the best places to eat, shop, people watch, explore, stay, eat, shop, fall in love, oh did I say eat yet? or shop? ;)

Have you been to Paris or Amsterdam? Where should I go? Eat? Do? Anything and everything! Please share!!! 

[Oh this picture has nothing to do with Paris....except it's #PFW (Paris Fashion Week) and I saw that Kimye arrived in town...Oh and I like and need to buy it for something funky that's going on in the guest bath!!!Will share soon!]

// Buy Yours Here //

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY - Embellished Sandals

apologies folks, this post should have gone up last week! I neglected the most important button in a post, Publish! LOL But without further ado, a quick and easy DIY!

Early in the summer I started seeing simple embellished sandals all of stores, Instagram and on my friends! My favorite J/Crew pair sold out almost instantly. Not surprising, knowing J.Crew, but even though I loved them, I didn't love the price. So I set out to make my own, on the cheap!

I was able to get the perfect sandal from Old Navy (which happen to be the most comfy ever!!), on sale and jems from a local craft store. I laid out the jems in a few different variations before settling on my favorite. Glue and dry. BAM!

I even made a pair for each of my besties, and now we text before brunch on sandal dibs!!! ;) Go make a pair and enjoy all the warm days left!

Get sandals or similar pairs here:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Vest-ie, like bestie....well maybe not.

But ok, so last year I realllly wanted the camo vest from J.Crew, well I never got it. But now it's at J.Crew Factory, and it's on sale I mean it's kismet! Can't wait to wear it!!! ;) (yes, I bought it!) 

I love vests! They make transitioning into cold weather much easier! And then when full on winter hits, you can have a cute extra layer under your jackets! Here are more favorites!!! (Esp that first one, some one get it for me!!!)

Friday, August 8, 2014

this week

this week....

9 Must-Haves for a California Eclectic Home
no correlation to the below. I just like it, and we are finallllly 
starting to shop for a new dinning room!  {image}

I've been loving all the new pre-Fall items at J.Crew. I blame the cloudy weather, and over-AC'd office (which is freezing!). Don't get me wrong I am not wishing colder weather

I really want this skirt, dainty earrings and this dress. And while we are at it I think I might need to procure this cute charger, since my phone can't seem to last through the day!

Did you see this pregnancy announcement? So cute! (No I am not on that baby-train)

I finally ordered from Fabletics (work-out gear), obsessed! Such great quality! Has anyone else?! Now I want it alllll :)

Hope you had a fabulous week!