Thursday, July 2, 2015

Shopping the sale rack!!

With a growing baby bump shopping is a lot more window shopping, allllll baby shopping or of the purse/shoe desire :)

Don't get me wrong I still have wants, it's just hard to know how my belly will be shaped a few weeks from now, let alone in a day or two! (It's just crazy! I mean I knew but I guess I don't really know!) So shopping for clothes is way different than it's ever been before!

But.....I do have a few 'desires' from Shopbop's recent set of new sale items!!! Did anyone scoop up any great summer gear?! Let me live vicariously through you! Do share in the comments!

Shop all my favorites: 

Monday, June 8, 2015

say what glider?

Umm, having never had a child and with one currently growing in my belly I recently discovered something that I was completely unaware. How has no one... anyone warn you....The price of a glider/rocking chair ottoman. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!! Holy Sticker shock!!!

Maybe I am naive, but I was all whoa! This isn't for my living room, just the babies and will most likely end up with some form of bodily fluid sooner than later ;) Prices range from a few hundred to upwards of a monthly rent payment. And of course the ones I adore - higher back, more modern lines, solid color are in that later camp.

Any advice? Where did you find yours? I know I will spend many a night here early on, I just can't fathom spending that much!

I did see some that look nice on discount websites but there aren't many reviews and how can you really tell colors (see the one in my last post)! Help a girl out!! Spill how you or a friend found theirs!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

let's go shopping!! 6.4.2015

There has been a lot more window shopping, than 'real' shopping around these parts as of late! And lots of pinning/bookmarking for the little baby! But all the above have caught my eye and I'd love them to come live with me! 

I adore my black bucket bag, and a tan for summer would be perfect! To commemorate the birth of our babe I'd love a piece of everyday jewelry to wear in celebration. The numerical rings are top of that list! 

Have you found anything great nowadays?? 

Shop my picks below! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

oh baby, BABY!

Throughout the first trimester, I started journaling to remember how I felt and what was going on. In the past week, I've debated if I wanted to post. But I do. I want to look back one day and remember what every little minute felt like. What I was thinking, what we were doing etc. I don't think my blog will turn into all things baby, but I can't guarantee it. Blog has always been about what is interesting and consuming me. And right now, its bambino or most affectionately known 'round these parts as Monkey!

So now that that is out of the way lets see where we've been! [I'm currently in the second trimester at 17 weeks] And I say we, because the Hubs is truly in this. He might be more educated on the in's out's and technical details than me, he does all this research to understand more. Then most times tells me even more details. I picked a good one! :)

I was writing these out as they were happening, so the tense is all wrong. I'm not rewritting it. Just deal :P k, thanks!

This was taken 15wk-0days (so so bloated....thank you little monkey!)

Weeks 4-6:
Until the doctor definitely told us 'oh yes' I was excited, unsure nervous. I mean home pregnancy tests could be wrong. And call it first time jitters, I wanted to know from a real official doctors office, fancy machine test. Boobs. Heavy big boobs. I think within the span of about 3 weeks my ever shrinking chest tripled in size. Yes, huge (for me!) boobs, right there! This is the stuff, the real stuff. Many days they were so sore I couldn't even bare to think about them for fear they'd hurt more. Definitely a no hands zone for the mister ;) Zero morning sickness.

Once the doctor gave us an 'official', it's wasn't secret for very long, I just blurted it out to my Mom. To my best friend. I had the best intentions of marking the occasion to each Mom/Bestie a little more memorable. The cards just crumbled a bit different. I had to tell them. right. that. moment. :) Which I'm sure now neither would have changed, the tears still flowed. AS did all the other happy emotions and cheers!

Weeks 7-8:
Tired. Oh exhaustion. Like give me a 2pm nap everyday or I'll sleep standing up tired. I gave up drinking coffee, expect for one day a week and the occasional chai. You can drink coffee, but I'm choosing not to. To each their own, this was just one thing I wanted to do. And for me its been good. I used to drink coffee outta habit, daily. And when I'm exhausted drink way too much. I like knowing I can make it through the day on my own and don't need caffeine.

Avert your eyes if you have a weak tummy. Constipation. Yep I just wrote that and told the world. Without going into details, I've never been really good at that 'thing'. And as the books and doctor say, your body is using up more nutrients in food and your bowels get lazy/pushed around from the growing bean. For a while it was real bad. Doctor offered a few over the counter options, but I wanted to try something more natural. To keep things moving I've found the a perfect combo (again this is working for me!) - One bran muffin and 24oz of H2O in the AM. A decaf coffee, with a splash of milk & sugar. Along with my prenatal. Tons of water, my daily goal is 80oz plus. And in the afternoon, a handful of dried apricots. After a few days miracles I tell ya miracles! [If you want a great muffin, Trader Joes sells a Apple cranberry bran muffin, one tiny muffin is 51% of your daily fiber. I won't lie, the first two days were rough, it felt like I was chewing cardboard. But with the water, refrigeration and time they aren't bad at all. Promise!]

I miss wine. Had an amazing dinner out with my Bestie and I desperately wanted a few sips of yummy red wine with our dinner. Oh well, it's for a good cause ;)

I lost my ability to sleep through the night. I'm the girl who slept through fire alarms in college, and earthquakes as a kid. I've been waking up daily between 2-3:30am to pee. Then lay there wide awake. I try to just toss and turn until I fall back asleep, and resist the phone. But my best friend and her Hubs really enjoy those 3:30 am texts - so.... haha! Oh yea, I pee all the time now. Some of it's due to the increased water, but it's never a full bladder like before. New pressure on that very precious organ! Oh yea, I almost pee'd myself teaching one day. I can tell you I'm a lot more careful doing jumping jacks (ie keiglesssss)!

Week 9: 
Fell off my Bran/Water train, and suffered. Won't let that happen again. No I will not, I felt like crying. And yes I do cry - when overly exhausted, silly commercials, when the Hubs is too cute, or scolds me for doing something I shouldn't like stand on stools changing light bulbs. Boobs no longer hurt, although when I workout and teach barre I just see giant knockers in the mirror. They feel so foreign. I can only wear about 3 of my bra's and a few bralettes. Waiting longer to purchase anything because the interwebs tell me it will change just as soon as I do!

My Mama came to visit, it was delightful. And overwhelming. We did some baby recon work, ie looking at strollers, car seats, accessories, clothes, things and baubles. Yikes! Although, as type A as we are, we narrowed down alot. And that felt good. We also do what we do best and shopped the winter sales hard. Since we know the expected due date, we know the bambino will be around come snowy 2015/16 winter. Gahhh baby fleece pants, and snowsuits! If my ovaries could twinge I'm sure they did!

Just say no to cooking chicken. This is my first food aversion so far, if that's what you would call it. Zero desire to eat any form of grilled chicken nor cook it in any form. I'll eat it if someone else prepares it for me, and I'd prefer if it had some sort of coating. Parmesan breaded chicken has been on repeat. Veggies don't sound great, but I'm eating them. Bland or savory food is what temps me the most. Mashed potatoes, tomato soup. Steak.  Although coconut curry sounded great one night, so the Hubs toughed out direction by direction vocal cooking like a champ. And it was delish! I still eat everything, haven't made many changes to our diet, just may not taste or satisfy the way it used to.

Week 10: 
Feeling great, working out and teaching a ton. Bump Watch: Negative. Just feel some days like things are rounding out or chubby and others like nothing. The ever so slight ab definition, that I was so proud off along the sides (you know that slight 4inch stripe of some semblance of abs some women get down the middle, it's what I called my six pack!) is gone, but my core still feels solid. I did feel defeated one day last week when I was really bloated (read sentence 1 on week 9), and broke down. After a sweet pep talks/reality checks with my Hubs, Bestie and Mama, I no longer have those emotions or feelings. Plus I always knew what was going on was to prepare for the coming months.

Same feelings about food, homey savory food sounds best. No desire for my daily something sweet before bed still. We did get some starburst Easter jelly beans. They were good but nothing like they would have been a few months ago.

Week 11-14:
I told my employer and the Barre studio I teach at that I'm expecting. It felt so good and weird all at the same time! It was oddly kind of nice to have this weird little secret but just as great to share the news with people who support me so strongly.  We also announced our pregnancy publicly (you know, on the interwebs/social media! It's 2014 after all!) So much love and out pouring from friends and family near and far. It definitely elevated the already high levels of excitement to new heights!

Had my first fight with a pretty nasty cold, without cold meds. No fun. But hey, I know I will survive and the Hubs has been amazing in playing doctor!Seriously though, dealing with a bad cold without any relief has been the worst! Felt like a total drama queen a few days, but sinus pressure, runny nose, and plugged ears are very miserable. [This cold ended up lasting 3 weeks, into week 13!] Once it was gone, man I felt great!

Excited to keep this going and see how I am feeling, tracking and what is going on! Hope you don't mind! :P

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Currently Obsessed With.... 5.6.15

Craving all things off the shoulder right now! Maybe bc it will distract from the future bump, or the fact that it's finally getting warm and I want all the sun on my skin. All the time! Loving the effortless vibe of theses dresses and nothing better than a dress than can easily transition from day to night with the change of accessories and shoes!

Oh I wouldn't turn down a cute top in the style either! Here are my current favorites (at all price points!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Swimsuits - 2015

One day summer will be here. Or so I'm surely hoping!!! (Side note, how are all these Chicago bloggers wearing short dresses and spring-y clothes?! it's been mid 40-50's....brr! I'm a chicken!)

Back to summer, I'm so excited for the heat! Days at the lake, the pool and our summer vacation to the Caribbean! Which have got me thinking about a new summer swim suit! I do this every year, do i need one maybe not, but you can surely believe I am getting one!!! And with the future bump situation, I'm not sure all of last year's extra skimpy bikini's will work ;) More than just a bump grows with a baby, if you catch my drift!! LOL

And for the first time ever, I'm actually craving a one piece!! Here are the ones on my list!

One Pieces: 1 - Red Wrap // 2 - Black Wrap // 3 - Mulit Color Cut-Outs
Two Pieces: 4 - Muli Color // 5 - Nude Tube // 6 - Black and White Stripes

 Not sure any tube version, unless there are strapes available will work with the new girls ;) but I adore this one!! Have you purchased a new suit for summer yet?? 

Shop my summer favorites here! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Just in case you missed it on Instagram.....

The Hubs and I are expecting our first little munchkin in late October! We couldn't be more excited, and are just WOWZA's everyday about this little blessing! No baby bump to report and thankfully this pregnancy has been so easy thus far.

I can't promise more bambino updates in the future...i.e. there will be! This is my place to share what's going on in my little world and what's on my mind! Here's to a wild ride the next few months!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How do you Kitchen Rug?

I don't know how to properly outfit our kitchen in our new place. I'm stumped.

Let me back up. From move in date til now, cough cough, last July, our in front of the kitchen rug was our old white bath mat. Perfectly fine, but we needed two in our new master bath, and I wanted them to match, so out he went. He found a home in front of the bare kitchen sink. And there he stayed until this past weekend. When after his 700th wash with bleach, the backing fell apart and his now gone to live in bath mat heaven.

So here she is. All bare and naked [Excuse the supreme quality iPhone's a before!]:

My Dilemma:

The space space in front of the oven/island/refrigerator is roughly 4ft by 8ft from edge of cabinet to edge of cabinet to front of sink. With only a sink mat, the rest feels kinda bare to me. But I'm afraid a runner and a mat will be way too much.

So I need your help. Do I do, say a 3x5 in front of the oven and then a smaller (not matching) in front of the sink? Only Sink? Only Runner? So stuck. It's just too big and just too small to fit a traditional single rug layout.....Am I over thinking this?

Also color?! Everything else is grey, white, or wood. Besides some art and plants, we are pretty basic right now. Oh and also I'm the messiest cook so I think some color might be best.

I love these kitchens...can our space pull it off?!

So, what do you think??? What should I do?

Here are some of the ones that I really like:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lou & Grey

Have you heard of Lou & Grey? It's a sister store to the LOFT brand. They just opened up a new shop in Chicago, along the Southport corridor. Last week I dragged the Hubs stopped by for a little after dinner shopping and wow! I'd heard of the brand a bit around the internet and seen their clothes online many times. But never tried any on, nor knew how amazing their stores and brand truly were! They've got a forever customer in me!

The Lou & Grey store reminds of the most perfect boutique, in a tiny beach town. Calm, cool, and relaxed. Unlike many big brand stores the shopping experience felt intimate and special from the moment you walked in. Single size runs of items were carefully displayed [one of my favorite parts of boutique shopping!!!! Meaning on xs, s, m, l were on the table or rack.]  And mixed throughout were carefully curated goodies - hand-poured candles, artisan jewelry, lotions etc. All from small businesses through the US. As well, as a mix of thoughtfully chosen coffee table books and small succulents. Add in the sweetest staff, it was a perfect night to explore this new jem in the neighborhood.

The Hubs, who was along for the ride, asked if we could get the same copper pendants they had at home, and if our fiddle leaf tree would ever be that amazing (See shop photos below). And if my guy is noticing these types of items, then you know it had to be good! He's more of 'as long as it's comfy i don't care what it looks like decorator!' ;)  

I scooped up a bunch of items while we were there, I couldn't help myself. These relaxed style overalls were one of the items! They are made of some super soft material, and I love the addition of a drawstring. So different than any other pairs I've tried. I wore them loose for an afternoon of errands and over indulging on tacos! (It was like wearing jammies all day while still feeling pulled together, no complaints here!) 

Everything was so soft and exactly what this California girl loves to wear. Comfort, fashionable yet relaxed. I talked myself out of a few items - a dress, a tee and some shorts....but have already ordered them all online! Bc I need them! 

[Don't you love how my best accessory, the dog, isn't in any of the shots....he was having 
no part of hanging out while mama took pictures ....he was a tiny blur along the bottom of 97%!]

Lou & Grey Overalls c/o // old Club Monaco Sweater 
Forever 21 Necklace // Target slides 

 Here are a few of my favorites and all the items I got (overalls, maxi, tank, romper, chambray shorts, denim dress)!

The store....oh the store! When can I move in?!?!?!!!! No seriously???? 

A big thank you to Lou & Grey for sponsoring this post! All opinions are always 100% my own.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Great Outdoors!

I think we've finally turned the corner on weather up here! Days are regularly getting to 60 and at night the temps aren't dropping the way the were just over a week ago. So you know what that means right?!

Patio time!!!! Patio time at restaurants, and my favorite, at home!!! We have a great deck with more than enough space and I'm ready to sit outside every minute of everyday. Catch up on the giant stack of magazines and perhaps, cough cough, finish one of the bajillion books I want.

Plants galore, just like last year! They make me so happy! I might even try a veggie again....although the squirrels win every time so why try! Sad face, those tomatoes were so promising last year!

We have a great table, and chair set-up....or should I say it was before we covered it up for winter! Our umbrella was eaten by a late summer storm, so I"m on the lookout for a new one. And with the space we have I'd love to add a separate sitting lounging area. A love seat and ottoman perhaps. Or a good old fashioned lounger. My pale bits need to be heated to the core! Our fab neighbors have a huge sectional, and we all pretty much act like the decks are connected so, I'm kinda leaning lounger. Well, at least for today!

Has anyone had any good luck at any retailers lately? I've looked at all the regular places (Target, West Elm, CB2, etc) just always get the biggest sticker shock....esp since we only  have half a year to use/enjoy these items! But we need a sun umbrella for are some of the items I really like right now:

All images are from my pinterest Home board, loving them for inspiration right now!