Thursday, April 10, 2014

thursday treats

Never in my life have I wanted a pair of pink pumps so bad! Want, don't need, but I mean pinks shoes would be pretty fun to wear for no reason, right?!

Monday, April 7, 2014

do you.....

So, do you?

I'm not really sure I can pull it off. I just don't think that length will look right on me. I really, really want to try. So I'm thinking one of these, inexpensive options might be the first! I really love the right one, it comes in lavender and cream - of which I can't decide!

And then, do I have the appropriate shoe/heeled sandal?! Ahhhh being a girl is tough!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

let's go shopping!

Internet access on the couch should be outlawed!!! HAHA! Some pretties I'm liking for warmer weather!

It's coming right? No seriously, Mother Nature can you call in a 'No Jacket Required day' for me, please?! k. thanks! 

What are you shopping for right now? 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

under bits

{My silky robe // my fav demi/balconnette bra}

When you are younger there are things you just don't get. By choice or not fully understanding the consequences. We've all been there, done that. Whether it is not ordering that last round at the bar, or perhaps that sweat-pant-to-class phase in college (or maybe you were the head to toe Abercrombie girl...each region had them - what was yours?!), or even drug-store hair adventures with friends. All fun at the time but quite possibly not our greatest moment looking back. 

There is one thing for sure, as I have gotten older I've gained an immense appreciation for quality 'under things' {i.e. Bras, panties, and the like}. Long gone are the sports bras for everything, or VS pink products, or plain nude full coverage bras. Although the later does have a place - never, I repeat never should one wear a lacy bra under a white (or light colored) button down in a professional environment. Not a good look, well unless that is the look you are going for but I'd doubt you are, if you are in a professional corporate workplace to start with. That is where those nude staples come into play. 

Feeling good about yourself, stems from many different places. Maybe it's because I'm 30, but long gone are the cotton items and ill-fitting bras! A day where I don more womanly 'under bits' I feel so much better about  what's ahead! An extra 10 points if the bra and panties match! But I do always try to coordinate!:) It's like my little secret, that no one knows! Sexy bra's and panties aren't just for ...... sig others, they are for you too!!!! 

Bras that fit right {get a bra fitting, life changing!} and make you feel like a million bucks are worth their weight in gold! I recently found some killer brands (on sale) and can't get enough! Now I want to replace my whole arsenal with more! High-end to low end, I've found fit and style matter the most to me. Here are some I might have in my online cart right now (meaning I do!) and need to choose! 

Have you purchased any 'under bits' that make you feel like you could take over the world?!

Shop for yours here:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

things I love... Chambray

Every one needs a chambray shirt! So versatile, so many variations (tank, long sleeve, dark, light). Meaning you can't have just one! 

I've been known to dress one up and wear it to the office! (Tuck into pencil skirt, cuff sleeves, add chunky sparkly necklace and some great pumps!) Always wear them on the weekends - with patterned denim,  ripped denim, Canadian Tuxedo's all the way! 

My oldest most favorite is in dire need of replacement, hello 5 years old! Here are some I've been looking at: 

Do you have a favorite - please share! Do you have multiple, like me?

Shop for your own here:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

loving lately

Vacation. Spring and eventually summer - and curing the winter blues! .... how does Taylor cope? Shop, of course! ;)

Here are a few items, in my closet (or recently purchased, bag being the oldest from last fall!) that I've been 'loving lately'! My valentine did get me that bracelet, he is amazing! Two dresses for vacation, so necessary! And finally some new make-up! For this make-up challenged girl, these have been great additions for me. NARS Tinted moisturizer, evens out my skin tone more than the light power (that never lasts all day) I have been using for years, and has even more SPF than my daily moisturizer - gotta keep the face protected! And I've been loving this bronzer, blush, highlighter combo! I was going to just replace my bronzer but this kept calling my name!

What have you been loving lately (or purchased)?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

time away

I never intended to take time away from the blog. Apologies. Life. 

If you follow along on social media (facebook or Instagram) you'd know life kept going,slowly. However, even on there, I ebbed and flowed between active posting. In the past month or so life got really busy, and for a while, life got really hard. My blog has always been a place for creative & expressive release for me & not somewhere I want to air my dirty laundry. So, I just stayed away. 

All I can say is, between the pressures of work I think I had a bout of seasonal depression. I was constantly cold (literally, no amount of layers were ever enough! Damn Polar Vortexes) and mentally very melancholy. My days consisted of work, intense workouts (which would break the 'mental' fog), cooking and then rinse & repeat. The 'fog' of winter was real folks. I know it had more to do with internal pressures I was putting on myself at work than anything else, but it was something I couldn't break.

Finally after a few great laughs (&bottles of wine) with some girlfriends and a serious tete-a-tete with the Hubs I started to emerge. And then a couldn't-have-been-more-perfectly-timed vacation - I am free! 

I wake up and the day doesn't seem nearly as daunting. And I'm ready to knock it out every chance I can get! So, get ready..... I'm ready to spew my nonsense on the internet! ;) 

Thank you for the constant support friends!!!

And I need to say 'Hi Mom! and Aunts!!' (They all were requesting more blog posts over these past weeks! HA!) 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The other afternoon while shopping in my local Steven Alan (where is scored my Mansur Graviel bucket bag!) I noticed something enticing behind the jeweler counter! They were the Miansai screw cuffs/bracelets! Stunningly simple, well made and right up my ally - of simple items to wear daily!

I am particularly drawn to the rose gold cuff (hint hint, Mr.... Valentines day!!!)! Have you heard or seen these bracelets before?

Get yours here!

About the Brand: Made in the USA! Miansai is a Miami-based handmade accessories brand that began with a single bracelet in 2008, has made great strides since its’ inception. Over the past five years, Founder + Creative Director Michael Saiger has turned his vision into a timeless and tasteful multi-category lifestyle label that is sought after across the globe by fashionable men and women alike.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Karen Walker

Last week while catching up on current events fashion news, on, I read an article about Karen Walker's new spring eye-wear campaign. I was in love! The images are not only beautiful, the models are beyond stunning! For the collection she drew inspiration from Kenyan artisans, having them design and create special pouches for the glasses. And what blew me away, instead of the traditional hire-a-model route, she used these beautiful ladies as the model!

Above are a few of my favorites! I would love to ask the beauty on top to teach my how to tie a head scarf like that! 

I have a pair of Karen Walkers, which are known for having an incredible high UV protection, and love them! I would really love the top pair for this summer!!! 

Shop the brand: 

*All images via 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Tennis shoes. Sporty. Not something one would always characterize as fashion forward, however times are changing. I personally have always had a pair of 'chucks' in my closet, and grew-up wearing comfy shoes in the summer with cut-offs (hello, slip on Vans! which are back again, yay!). Especially if your day includes even the tiniest amount of physical activity - anyone else knees/ankles start to ache after a day of walking miles in no support?

But street style from around the web are starting to show us that we don't necessarily need to wait for warmer weather! I am on board 300%, have been known to wear versions of this all winter long to brunch on Saturday!

But of course, who doesn't want options! Lots and lots of options! Whether it's a classic, Van slip-on or New Balance cross trainer circa the 80's, or Nike Air Max's, you can't really go wrong! Have you integrated any tennis shoes into your wardrobe lately?

Here are some great options! Go grab a pair, or two!